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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Alex Zarynow poses with Congressman John Delaney at the Congressional Art Competition. Zarynow has achieved much success through his photography.

Student Art Spotlight: Alex Zarynow

By Sarah O'Brien and Balbina Yang May 28, 2016

For some people, it’s all about the music, the dance moves or the food. However, for senior Alex Zarynow, it’s all about the pictures. Although he is in Photography 1, Zarynow is self-taught and began...

Feldman in the CHS auditorium during the interview.

‘Observer’ Sits Down with Actor Ben Feldman

By Thomas Atkinson and Sarah O'Brien May 26, 2016

CHS alumnus Ben Feldman is a television and film actor in such shows as Mad Men, Silicon Valley and Cloverfield. Though he has done endless interviews, the Observer had the privilege of interviewing Feldman...

Alumna Kristina Hann works on her music in a recording studio. Hann is currently studying Music at Belmont University.

CHS Alumni Continue in their Arts Exploration

By Sarah O’Brien, Arts Editor April 29, 2016

All students take some form of art class at CHS, yet most do not continue once they graduate. The Observer has contacted a few recent graduates who have continued their passions in art after their...

Junior Libby Spriggs has helped design costumes for CHS performances since freshman year. She plans to continue fashion in the future.

Student Art Spotlight:

By Sarah O’Brien, Production Editor March 22, 2016

Although often overlooked, fashion has a major influence on show business, and junior Libby Spriggs dedicates her time to ensure that all the actors and actresses of CHS look their part. Spriggs has...

Montgomery Mall recently added restaurants to its diverse food court.

New Restaurants to be Tried in the Food Court

By Sarah O’Brien, Production Editor February 25, 2016

The CHS community grew up going to Westfield Montgomery Mall; however with so many upgrades, it is hard to recognize our childhood mall. B|Bop|Q, Shanghai 66, Chloe’s New York Style Deli and Jamaican...

Junior Student Member of the Board Eric Guerci.

CHS Observer Finds out what it is like to be SMOB

By Sarah O'Brien, Production Editor February 23, 2016

With elections for the Student Member of the Board (SMOB) approaching in the spring, many students are wondering what the jobs of SMOB are. The Observer interviewed current SMOB Eric Guerci to find out...

Senior Sarah Bomfim and her freshman sister Emma received every episode of Full House from their parents and are excited for Fuller House to come out Feb. 26, 2016.

‘Full House’ gets fuller

By Sarah O’Brien, Production Editor December 22, 2015

The family comedy TV show Full House premiered 28 years ago in 1987. The final show aired 20 years ago, and Full House fans have been waiting for a new season to come back to the television screen. After...

Coldplays is scheduled to play during halftime at the 50th Super Bowl.

Coldplay release new album

By Sarah O'Brien, production editor December 10, 2015

The National Football League (NFL) recently announced that Coldplay will be playing in the 50th Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 2016, with the help of other unannounced artists. “I think they will...

Brown jams on out on his guitar for fun.

Teachers list their favorite songs from their playlists

By Sarah O'brien, Production Editor November 25, 2015

Kevin Brown English and AP Lang teacher Kevin Brown likes rock songs with masculine singers, that give meaning to their words. Here are his favorite songs: 1) “Black” by Pearl Jam 2)“Where Did...

Senior Samantha Locraft is learning how to play the E-flat Clarinet, piano and flute in addition to her skills with the clarinet and saxophone.

Student Art Spotlight: A Noteworthy Musician

By Sarah O'Brien, Production Editor November 25, 2015

Senior Samantha Locraft knows the keys to success and has been fine tuning her skills on the clarinet for the past nine years. Locraft currently plays in the Montgomery County Youth Orchestra (MCYO)...

Students Marty Mcflying Back to the Future

Students Marty Mcflying Back to the Future

By Sarah O'Brien, Production Editor October 29, 2015

They see me rollin’... on my hoverboard. Around CHS and the nation, teens and adults have found a new method of transportation in hoverboards. Hoverboards are electric, two wheeled devices appear to...

Senior Sophia Kim is a musician and avid painter whose favorite painting is of her parents. She was inducted into the National Society of Arts and Letters and has traveled to Korea to paint for the less fortunate.

Senior sketches out a future in the art industry

By Sarah O'Brien, Production Editor October 29, 2015

Senior Sophia Kim is both a visual and an auditory artist. She has been painting ever since she learned how to hold a pencil, and she has been playing viola for three years. Before that she played violin...

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