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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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    What to do during Exam Week

    Here we go, round two.  The grueling exam week is about to begin in t-minus (1) day.  All-nighters, study sessions with friends and trying to avoid procrastination on Facebook.  All of the vicious events school throws at us students.  So, to help you bear through the exams, I am going to give you the most precise and ingenious do’s and don’ts of exam week.


    1.       Do not wait until the last day.

    Okay, I admit it.  This is my favorite strategy; however it has been proven to be the least effective.  I stumbled upon this skill when I accidently forgot we had a technology exam—my bad.

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    2.      Do not rip up your textbook.

    As tempting as it may be, I highly recommend not doing this because you have to pay CHS around $80.  You might not care about studying, but you don’t want to be paying the school that much money.

    3.      Do not drink a ton of water before an exam.

    Yes, drinking eight cups of water a day is vital, but do not drink this amount before sitting for two hours to take an exam.  Do not risk having your bladder explode in the middle of writing an essay for your English exam.  That sounds pretty embarrassing.



    1.       Take periodic breaks.

    Study for two hours and take a half-an-hour break.  During this time, chill, watch The Notebook and stifle your stress by eating massive amounts of food.  Things that make you smile.

    2.      Shoot for the minimum exam grade.

    Look if you get the same grade both quarters, do not sweat the exam.  You can get two grades lower and still maintain your grade!  That’s fantastic.  This gift from MCPS must be cherished and fulfilled—get the lowest grade possible.

    3.       Celebrate!

    Run out of the classroom screaming, jumping, and trampling the teachers and small underclassmen who are in your way.  Congratulations lucky fellow!  You are officially done with the 10th  grade.

    Follow these rules and your exam week will be fantastic.  Enjoy your summer and look for my next blog post to be posted in September.

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    What to do during Exam Week