CHS Students Participate in National Day of Silence


Photo By Ethan S. Miller

Some CHS students taped their mouth shut April 15 to show support for LBGTQ students who are bullied.

By Ethan S. Miller, Fact Checker

CHS students participated in the National Day of Silence April 15, an event bringing attention to LGBTQ causes that hit especially close to home for some students who have been mourning the loss of LGBTQ student Alex Baumann.

During this event students wore all black and some took it a step further by taping their mouths shut in order to ensure a full day of silence.

According to the National Day of Silence website, students stay silent to illustrate the silencing and debilitating effect of bullying on LGBTQ students.

During seventh period the school collectively held a minute of silence during which students remembered those affected by bullying, particularly LGBTQ students.

This is the first year of National Day of Silence at CHS and in all likelihood will not be the last.