CHS takes a selfie that shatters the record books


Photo by Rebecca Jackson

Students gather in the media center to take a selfie that sets a new world record.

By Rebecca Jackson, Circulation Manager

On Thursday, Oct. 1, CHS set a new world record for the most students taking selfies in a library.

According to Media Specialist Paige Pagley, this event was created in connection with the selfie display in the library. The librarians saw this world record online and decided to bring it to CHS. The event was a success.

The previous record was from Robinson High School in Robinson, IL, where 47 students simultaneously took selfies in a library. Now CHS is in the world record books with 58 students.

“Our school goal of the year is to get students engaged,” Pagley said. “This was a good way to celebrate the National Book Month.”

The Media center wanted to hold the contest on Oct. 2, because it was National Selfie Day, but had to reschedule due to the half day.

According to Pagley, the more students there are in the library, the more likely they are to check out a book.  She hoped that students would have a good time and realize that the library is a great place to be.