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Swim and dive team drowns private school record

Photo courtesy of Riley McGuire.

By Riley Hurr, Circulation Manager

March 13, 2018

For the past 17 years, the boys Washington Metropolitan Interscholastic Swimming and Diving Championships (Metros), have been dominated by private schools. However, Feb. 9 and Feb. 10 changed that. The CHS boys swim and dive team made history at Metros as they finished with a score of 324.5 points, ...

CHS takes a selfie that shatters the record books

Students gather in the media center to take a selfie that sets a new world record.

By Rebecca Jackson, Circulation Manager

October 5, 2015

On Thursday, Oct. 1, CHS set a new world record for the most students taking selfies in a library. According to Media Specialist Paige Pagley, this event was created in connection with the selfie display in the library. The librarians saw this world record online and decided to bring it to CHS. The...

Skydiver breaks speed record

Skydiver breaks speed record

By Manisha Singh, Online News Editor

November 7, 2012

Forty-three-year-old Austrian athlete Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier in a 39-kilometer skydive from the edge of space Oct. 14, setting the world record for highest jump and fastest human free-fall. He was carried into space in a capsule with a 55-story tall helium balloon. Baumgartner’s des...

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