‘Chain of Life’ shows commitment to safe driving


Above the Influence’s Chain of Life hangs around the cafeteria.

By Emma Crutchfield, Production Editor

Each one is unique, yet the same. They are all the same color, but each has a different name. Apart, they are one person. Together, they are a community.

The Above the Influence club created a Red Ribbon Chain of Life during the month of October to help prevent distracted driving. Students had the opportunity to sign a red ribbon in one of their classes. The ribbons were then folded and intertwined with the rest of the students’ ribbons.

After CHS participated in the Every 15 Minutes program, the club decided to increase awareness of drunk and distracted driving.

“The fact that we’re doing it around homecoming works out perfectly, because this time period is pretty crucial for getting our message across,” senior club president Chrissy Lorica said.

Finding inspiration from Students Against Drunk Driving, the club combined the two ideas of creating a chain of life and making red ribbons, both of which engage the school community to take a stance against drinking and driving.

CHS students signed the ribbons to show their support of the initiative.

“I think it is a good idea,” senior Hana Gnaoui said. “It shows a good representation of how kids really can get hurt and the numbers really do have an effect on our society.”

Oct. 18 was the first national Above the Influence Day around the country, and Red Ribbon Week also occurs during the last week of the month. These events were created in the hope that people would be drug free and safe.

“The Chain of Life serves as a visual reminder of how the lives in this community, the Churchill community, are interconnected,” Lorica said.

According to junior club treasurer Chris Conlan, when one student chooses to drink and drive, the “chain falls apart.”

“Don’t break the chain,” Lorica said. “Don’t drink and drive.”