The Wallflowers’ newest album is impressive, despite seven year hiatus

By Lauren Price, Online Arts Editor

It is not uncommon for a band to release album after album, all with the same general style or sound. However, this becomes an impressive feat when a band can do that after a prolonged hiatus.  The Wallflowers did just that when they released Glad All Over, their first album in seven years, on Oct. 9.

The Wallflowers are most famous for their 1996 song “One Headlight,” which won Grammies for the categories of Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group with Vocals. The song was off of the group’s second studio album, and several member changes followed throughout their next four albums. However, the lead singer has always been Jakob Dylan, son of Bob Dylan.

The first song on their newest album, “Hospital for Sinners,” is very reminiscent of their previous music; it has the same bluesy style that their previous albums included. Another notable track is “Misfits and lovers,” which features Mick Jones. This song would be right at home on their third album, Breach.

Unfortunately, not every song on the album is a hit. “Reboot the Mission,” also featuring Mick Jones, is a single that was released prior to the album, and is incredibly disappointing. It is clear that the band wanted to take a new direction with this song, but their good intention was not enough to make this song worth listening to. Essentially, they laid a rock song over a disco beat, and added a frankly unappealing, nasal sounding chorus to top the song off.  It is regrettable that this song is the only single released so far; it does not represent the album’s over all sound whatsoever.

Most songs on Glad All Over were classic Wallflowers with a modern twist.  This bluesy-rock sound is something that the band should stick to. Overall, the album was a pleasant surprise from a band that had taken such a long hiatus, and it can be commended for being above decent.