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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Student-run Daily Roast gets teachers going

The Daily Roast, a student-run shop, opened Sept. 4 to sell coffee to teachers and give students an opportunity to learn about business.

Teacher Lynde Thai is helping the students start the shop.

“CHS is a very academic school and offers a lot in college preparation and academics, but I saw a need for vocational experience within the school day,” Thai said. “The goal is to give students work experience.”

The shop, which sells solely to teachers, is located in the concession stand next to the main gym and currently only sells coffee, but Thai plans to eventually sell food on Fridays. The students, who are in charge of decorating the café, would like to add art and music.

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“The goal is for the students to do all of the work and me just watch them,” Thai said. “It will give the students work experience to build résumés and give them a
leg up on competition when they go out to the world to get jobs. It also gives students a chance to explore entrepreneurship before college.”

Junior Kelly Barnes has been working in the shop, including making the coffee, delivering it to certain teachers, decorating the shop and collecting money or prepaid vouchers that teachers can use to buy their coffee.

“I thought this would be a good experience before I go to work,” Barnes said. “I thought it was cool to try something new. I thought it would be fun, and it is.”

According to Thai, as the year goes on she hopes to have up to 30 students working each day.

“My favorite part is making deliveries and the experience of doing it,” Barnes said. “I like meeting new teachers and getting to know them.”

According to guidance counselor Christine Pellicoro, who has a standing order at the shop, she also enjoys interacting with the students.

“It allows me to meet students that I otherwise would have no contact with,” Pellicoro said. “For me, it brightens my day.”

The Daily Roast was able to start through donations from parents, the Class of 2012 and the Each One Reach One club. According to Thai, if the business makes enough profit, the students could receive rewards, or the extra money could be used to purchase supplies for teachers.

For the time being, the Daily Roast is just focusing on selling coffee and keeping the business running. According to Thai, the business is quickly expanding and the shop makes an average of $40 each day.

“It is such a treat to have the coffee delivered to the office,” Pellicoro said. “I used to make my own every morning, but the Daily Roast is better.”

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Student-run Daily Roast gets teachers going