Ultimate Frisbee is state runner-up in second season


By Lauren Price, Online Arts Editor

It may be just a club sport, but this year’s Ultimate Frisbee team, the Discos, is a force to be reckoned with. The team finished its season with a 7-2 record, coming in second place in the state championship, a six-game tournament held May 12-13.

Led by two captains, senior Peter Heilbron and junior Evan Rheingold, the team kept a positive outlook throughout the season.

“The team has a better record this year because we got a lot of new athletic kids and some talented underclassmen,” Rheingold said.

The team has 25 players, although only seven play on the field at a time. Positions include handlers, who throw the disc most of the time; short cutters, who catch short throws, and deep cutters, who catch long throws. The co-captains are primarily the handlers. Short cutters include juniors Joe Nolan, Will Sickles, Johnny Hein and Leo Blooston. Hein and Blooston also double as deep cutters, along with senior Joe Haynes and junior Eric Gelling.

“Ultimate is team-oriented, and people can play each position as they are needed,” junior Justin Schumacher said.

The boys were formally known as the Frisbros, but looking for a change from last year, they changed their names to the Discos. The club is not school sponsored, and so they pay for their own uniform, fields and equipment.

The team participates in a league for the entire Washington Area.

CHS’s Ultimate Frisbee team has been around for two years, and they don’t plan on going away.

“Our team keeps improving year by year as more people keep returning for another year of Ultimate,” Schumacher said. “More and more people are returning from previous years, and the more you play the better you get.”