Class of 2012 Senior Superlatives


  1. Best Smile: Nikki Jordan and Jack Rome
  2. Best Personality: Julie Gelb and Alec Fanaroff
  3. Most Stylish: Hannah Cooper and Kenneth Leong
  4. Best Class Project Partner: Naomi Gutkind and Brian Bontempo
  5. Class Clown: Shannon Quinn and Nadim Elhage
  6. Best Physique: Katie Skrzyniarz and Jack Butler
  7. Cutest Couple: Nikki Jordan and George Nichols
  8. Cutest Couple That Never Was: Laila Judeh and Rishi Patel
  9. Most Talkative: Gabby Siegel and Sathya Ram
  10. Biggest Flirt: Nayomi Hettiarachchi and Hayden Saunders
  11. Most Athletic: Maddie Flax and Quan Gill
  12. Most Spirited Bulldog: Rachel Kuff and Todd Erickson
  13. Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Camille Baroni and Rishi Patel
  14. Most Huggable: Christina Allen and Sebastian Romero
  15. Most Likely to Be Famous: Sarafina Arthur-Williams and Noble Chike
  16. Mr.  & Miss Sunshine: Kim Plummer and Bo Miller
  17. Best to Take Home to Mom & Dad: Genny Austin and Alex Blum
  18. Most Artistic: Angela Kim and Nik Ramirez
  19. Most Likely to Become President: Zoe Dobkin and Hal Zeitlin
  20. Best Car: Laila Judeh and Robert Gutierrez
  21. Gossip Girl & Guy: Eliza Farha and Sam Eisenstat
  22. Best Hair: Carly Rotter and Jake Feingersh
  23. Mr. & Miss Gym Rat: Megan Scanlan and Jacob Suissa
  24. Drama Queen & King: Abigail Dodson and Blake Weil
  25. Funniest Laugh: Ping Ni and Paapa Nyanin
  26. Most Attractive: Alyssa Rhodes and Dylan Reagan
  27. Most Likely to Be Checking his/her Facebook Right Now: Alex Fox and Robert Skaats
  28. Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation: Natalie Abrams and Austin Smith
  29. Biggest Ego: Mairin Hall and Nathan Smith
  30. The Most: Spencer Levy and Louis Rothstein