New administrator joins CHS

By By Josh Samson, Staff Writer

The morning bell on the first day of school was both an end to an amazing summer and a beginning to a promising year. From the freshmen grasping their maps to the seniors strolling through the halls, it was clear that school was finally back in session. As the students passed, teachers and administrators lined the hallways to offer assistance to anyone who needed it.

One administrator, however, dressed in a black suit and green tie, was just as new to CHS as the class of 2014. John Taylor, our new Assistant School Administrator, helped guide freshman through the halls in between periods, using a map relatively new to him.

“I really enjoy [my job],” Taylor said. “I’m having a lot of fun with the students and being able to talk to [them].”

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Taylor joined the Marine Corps for fun.

“I moved 10 years ago to Maryland from Memphis, Tennessee” Taylor said. “I’ve been working for [MCPS] ever since.”

Taylor started teaching at Roberto Clemente Middle School before beginning at the MCPS Central Office, where he wrote tests and communicated with teachers and school staff members to help create a unified county school system. As far as his routine at CHS, Taylor has not been overwhelmed with work in the first month, but believes that it will start picking up soon.

“I haven’t really gotten a routine down,” Taylor said. “I’m mainly talking with students and doing hall duty. We usually have a couple meetings a week where we talk about getting the year off right.”

In his first month, Taylor has already begun to gain a sense of pride in his CHS students.

“One thing I notice is how conscientious [CHS students] really are,” Taylor said. “From day one, it has been all about working hard and turning in homework. That shows work ethic, which is very impressive.”

Although he is only in his first month at CHS, Taylor already plans to incorporate more technology to better education, and work on character.

“When I say ‘work on character,’ you would think I mean that CHS has no character,” Taylor said. “But I think what I would like to see is a continuation of what CHS is already doing. I am on the Character Education Committee, and we are working with the community to increase its heart.”