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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Conan OBrien makes a fool of himself while on a floating market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Comedy takes a turn for the better with new improv comedy show

By Isar Uslu, News Editor June 5, 2024

After Conan O'Brien retired from late-night television in mid-2021, the comedy TV world went into crisis leaving only a few profoundly unpopular comedians running what was increasingly seen as an obsolete...

WCHS seniors Ryan You and Darian Tamami climb onto a car windshield during Senior Assassin.

Senior assassin sparks debate over student safety

By Isar Uslu, News Editor June 3, 2024

Broken windshields. Football arena brawls. Food fights and aggravated assault. All of these events have taken place at WCHS in the past and have worsened in recent years. To counteract these incidents,...

WCHS junior Jeremy Kwon checks his phone during SMOB voting. Voter apathy has caused many students to stop caring about the SMOB or not vote at all.

Observer Opinion: SMOBs do what exactly?

By Isar Uslu, News Editor May 17, 2024

Every year, students across MCPS ask the same question: what exactly does the Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB) even do? Nobody has an answer. Not even the SMOB seems to know what they do....

A WCHS English TA grades AP Lang assignments. The schools English department has introduced picker wheels in an attempt to lower class averages, with the eventual goal of failing students.

AP Lang grades with picker wheels to combat grade inflation

By Isar Uslu, AP Lang's #1 Fan April 4, 2024

For many students at WCHS, grading policies can be incredibly frustrating. From deadlines to 50% rules, it can be difficult to grasp how the process works. More frustratingly, after all the work students...

Since Nov. 2022, streaming platform has imposed a cheaper plan with plenty of ads for users to be bored with.

Streaming companies, let’s skip ads forever!

By Isar Uslu, Assistant News Editor March 13, 2024

For many students at WCHS, all one wants to do after a long day at school is sit down and catch up on their favorite show. From Disney+ to Hulu, many platforms offer a multitude of shows and movies. Despite...

To the Point host Aisha Mbowe discusses the operating budget on the first episode of the show post COVID-19. Many MCPS-TV programs went on hiatus during the pandemic and are now being brought back.

MCPS rolls out new methods of public outreach

By Isar Uslu, Assistant News Editor March 1, 2024

From emails to live streams, phone calls to social media posts, MCPS has many methods of communicating with students, families and staff. But after several policy changes, controversies and school closures,...

Most MCPS classes today do not give long, written assignments. As a result, there is little benefit in the speed cursive writing enables.

Faceoff: The dying art holds no relevance in schools

By Isar Uslu, Assistant News Editor December 18, 2023

Chromebook screens illuminate dark rooms. Canvas pages open on every screen. Assignments are being worked on in Google Docs. Computers and the internet have been integral to MCPS classrooms for years....

Copy-Plus, MCPS program to centralize document copying and distribution, has been plagued with delays during the start of the 2023-24 school year. This has resulted in severly disrupted classes and schedules at WCHS and across the county.

The new pandemic plaguing WCHS: tech issues

By Isar Uslu, Assistant News Editor October 18, 2023

Broken copiers. Slow Wi-Fi. Old laptops. These are just some of the issues WCHS students and staff face daily. In an ever-digitizing school system, dependence on functioning technology becomes increasingly...

As “The Mandalorian” season three returned after a two year hiatus, promotional material more prominently featured older characters. Some viewers might have forgotten more crucial characters in that timespan.

“The Mandalorian” season 3 leaves viewers hanging

By Isar Uslu, Staff Writer May 16, 2023

After a long two-year wait, Star Wars fans were finally able to tune into the latest season of the hit Disney+ show “The Mandalorian.'' However, the show that met viewers in early March entered a vastly...

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