‘Walking Dead’ returns for fifth season on AMC


Excited fans have looked forward to the season five premiere since the end of season four in March.

By Ross Tanenbaum, Production Editor

After a shocking season finale that left viewers hungry for more, the Walking Dead has returned for a fifth season on AMC.

With the fourth season only becoming available recently on Netflix, many fans have been trying to catch up with the show before the start of the season. Fans are continuously trying to find out who has survived the zombie apocalypse. Many fans had mixed reviews on season four because the plot was somewhat repetitive and character development was favored over zombies.

“It’s a zombie apocalypse so it’s bound to be repetitive in some ways,” junior Kehl Markley said. “They keep adding new villains and new locations to keep it original.”

The Walking Dead is the type of show where the viewer is never supposed to become too attached to any one character. At some random point during the show, an important character will suffer a brutal death that may anger some fans. Some viewers are frustrated with the amount of characters that are killed while some enjoy it because it makes the show more interesting.

“If they only killed off minor characters it would be pointless,” Markley said. “That’s what makes TV more entertaining.”

Season four was an attempt to make viewers more attached to characters. While some episodes featured only zombies and violence, almost the entire second half of the season was all about developing the characters. Some fans were disappointed, but others were pleased by this move.

“Keep up the character development,” Markley said. “Now characters deaths feel a little bit sadder.

The new season of the Walking Dead will start on Oct. 12 and will pick up where the fourth season left off. Fans, like Markley, hope that some of their favorite characters will remain alive for season six.

“It’s what keeps people watching,” Markley said. “But if they kill Darryl, I will stop watching.”