Slow down Speed Racer; New cameras added in D.C. area


Cars must be wary of new speed cameras.

By Ross Tanenbaum, Production Editor

New drivers will now have to be a lot more careful when driving in the D.C. area as 15 new cameras will be added to the streets.

The D.C area is a very hectic city when it comes to drivers. With many drivers coming home from work at rush hour, accidents and incidents with pedestrians are a common occurrence. Police are attempting to make the road safer by putting in new cameras with very strict limits.

According to, a website about D.C. news, speeding can be a fine of “50 dollars for 1 to 10 mph over the limit.”

The new cameras will be a huge factor for people who drive in D.C. During rush hour, D.C. can become one of the most chaotic cities as many of the people will be trying to rush home. The new cameras will be able to issue fines for people who are speeding just one mph over the speed limit.

A wide range of the D.C. area will be covered by the new traffic cameras. This will help enforce safe driving all throughout D.C.

According to, a news website, the new cameras “are stationed across the District, from Massachusetts Avenue northwest to Martin Luther King Avenue southeast.”

In order to increase safety, the new speed cameras will primarily be placed in areas where the speed limit is relatively low. Drivers will now have to make sure that they drive slowly through these areas.

According to, a D.C. news website, the cameras will be targeted in areas “with posted speed limits of 25 mph.”

The new speed cameras are said to be installed in the D.C. area soon. Until then, D.C. drivers should drive more cautiously in order to prepare for the new speed limitations.