The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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One of the teachers lots sits directly off of the main office entrance. Although they are not supposed to, seniors and juniors have recently been parking in these spots.

Early bird gets the parking with WCHS’ new policy

By Claire Moylan, Copy Editor June 6, 2024

Parking is a prevalent and ongoing issue at WCHS. Every day as 7:45 approaches, cars arrive at WCHS in hopes of finding a parking spot. Currently, WCHS allots one of its parking lots to seniors, with each...

 WCHS junior Juliette Mamalian perfectly executes an attitude derrière. This perfection comes from dancing her practicing seven days a week at the Maryland Youth Ballet.

Student Art Spotlight: Juliette Mamalian

By Claire Moylan, Copy Editor May 1, 2024

Dance is part of almost everyone’s life in one way or another. Whether on the dance floor during a night out with friends, or with headphones on, alone in a bedroom, dance is one of the most beautiful...

WCHS senior Sneha David is stopped in her attempt to leave school during lunch. The recent changes to WCHS lunch rules have prohibited seniors like David from going off campus during lunch.

Senior lunch crunch: Underclassmen free while seniors stay in

By Claire Moylan, Number One Swiftie April 11, 2024

For most WCHS students, lunch is the most important part of the day. The break from the rigorous classes is a necessity for WCHS students’ mental health and for getting through the day. For many, leaving...

On Feb. 11, Alana Louvis visted one of the many houses she has been working on in this past year as a part of her internship in real esate. Through her internship, Louvis is able to see first hand what a career in real estate includes.

Internships provide students learning opportunities

By Kendyl Groisser and Claire Moylan March 1, 2024

College decisions are slowly rolling in and many WCHS students are noticing a pattern: no acceptance is guaranteed. With the applicant pool becoming increasingly more competitive each year, it is more...

WCHS junior Gabby Mariam poses with the guacamole she prepared for the WCHS Spanish Honors Society potluck held on Febuary 21. The event was a time for the group of students to get together and celebrate Spanish culture and the Spanish language.

WCHS’ Spanish Honors Society displays their culture with a potluck

By Claire Moylan, Assistant Features Editor & Photo Manager February 23, 2024

The WCHS Spanish Honors Society is a group of accomplished Spanish students who come together to celebrate Spanish culture and host events to bring the community together. On February 22, the group did...

Cookie Mug Hangers, Dark Chocolate Stars, Peppermint Cremes, and Mini Peppermint Meringues are some of Trader Joes popular seasonal treats.

Yule love this: Trader Joe’s Seasonal Snacks

By Sneha David and Claire Moylan, Online Content Editor and Assistant Features Editor and Photo Manager December 18, 2023

A new season approaching can only mean one thing: a Trader Joe’s seasonal drop. Flavors of peppermint, chocolate and gingerbread line the shelves of every Trader Joe’s as excitement builds for the...

Aya Zemrani is a WCHS junior who has spent a majority of her life creating art. She has been very successful and now has popular social media accounts with over 500,000 combined followers.

Student Art Spotlight: Aya Zemrani

By Claire Moylan, Assistant Features Editor November 13, 2023

For many WCHS students, art is a hobby that fills up their free time and exercises the creative part of their brain. But for WCHS junior Aya Zemrani, art is much bigger than a hobby: it is a passion. With...

On October 27, 2023, Taylor Swift released a re-record of her most popular album 1989. The album was received extremely well and sold over 1.6 million units in its debut week.

“1989” never goes out of style

By Claire Moylan, Assistant Features Editor and Photo Manager November 10, 2023

Arguably her most successful album, Taylor Swift's fifth record “1989” was a synth-pop album and spent 11 weeks at the top of the Billboard 200, was certified platinum nine times, sold over 10 million...

The WCHS Varsity Field Hockey team smiles for a team picture after one of their game day morning team breakfasts. The team is dressed in red, white and blue for their USA theme day. Team breakfasts and dressing up for school on game days are some of this teams oldest traditions and contributes to the closeness of this team.

WCHS’ field hockey team faces pressure to do well

By Claire Moylan, Assistant Features Editor and Photo Manager October 16, 2023

To most students at WCHS, the Varsity Field Hockey team is a powerhouse. From winning six consecutive regional championships to competing in back-to-back state finals, the team is seen as a unified front...

WCHS Staff has started to check Student IDs to double-check that they are seniors before letting them leave campus during lunch.

New lunch rules impact WCHS students

By Claire Moylan, Photo Manager May 31, 2023

After a WCHS student sits through four periods, they finally hear the sound of the bell signaling that it is time for a break from studying, note-taking and working. It is time for lunch. Most students...

Kisney Gunn (right) wraps student Summer Polhemus ankle before her varsity lacrosse game on April 20, 2023. This is one of the many responsibilities of Gunn during a sporting event at WCHS.

Meet Kinsey Gunn, WCHS’ new athletic trainer

By Claire Moylan, Staff Writer May 16, 2023

On the surface, an athletic trainer is someone who deals with the orthopedic injuries of athletes. However, WCHS’ athletic trainer, Kinsey Gunn takes the job to a whole new level, taking on the expected...

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