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Senior lunch crunch: Underclassmen free while seniors stay in

Photo by Claire Moylan
WCHS senior Sneha David is stopped in her attempt to leave school during lunch. The recent changes to WCHS lunch rules have prohibited seniors like David from going off campus during lunch.

For most WCHS students, lunch is the most important part of the day. The break from the rigorous classes is a necessity for WCHS students’ mental health and for getting through the day. For many, leaving the campus for a break from school makes this time even more worthwhile. Until recently, only seniors had been given this privilege, but all of that changed in early March.

When the lunch bell rang at 11:05 on Thursday, March 7, seniors rushed to the exits to escape the fluorescent lights and suffocating walls, but were met with barriers. Teachers, administrators, and security guards blocked every exit, stopping students individually and checking student IDs to verify age. Thinking that this was an attempt to make sure only seniors were going out, many seniors advanced, flashing their Class of ‘24 IDs, but the reaction was very unexpected.

“I had my ID out, ready to show the teachers I’m able to go out,” WCHS senior Lindsey Zambudio said. “But when they saw how old I was, they stopped me and closed the door, not letting me leave. I was so confused and nobody even really explained it.”

After being refused exit, many seniors reverted back to their habits from previous years. They found teacher’s classrooms and spots in the hallways to enjoy lunch. While settling down, many seniors wondered what could be going on. They saw more and more of their fellow seniors being refused while juniors and even underclassmen were welcomed through the door.

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“I had heard rumors that they were going to let other grades go to lunch,” WCHS junior Annika Shauf said. “I didn’t think it was true because it made no sense, but when I saw all the seniors still at school, I tried it out for myself. They saw my ID and let me go. I was so surprised but also really excited because I got to have a real break from my day.”

Although few were aware, the school had put out an announcement that day that the policy would be changing from only seniors being allowed to leave campus to every grade except seniors being allowed to leave school during lunch hours. Many have speculated about the reasoning behind this decision, but there have been few confirmed answers.

“I’m not really sure what made the administration decide this,” Shauf said. “Maybe they wanted seniors to spend more time at the school before they leave. Or maybe they just wanted to test out having other groups leaving the school to see if they could handle that many students leaving.”

Many students have also wondered how long this policy and, more importantly, the enforcement, is going to last. The old policy was very loosely enforced, so if that pattern repeats, seniors should be back out for lunch in no time.

“I really hope they change it or at least stop being so strict,” Zabumido said. “I feel like the seniors should be the most responsible grade and therefore be trusted with the ability to leave. I really love being able to have a break from school during the day and really hope we can get that back.”

Seniors are outvoted on the issue as all of the students just gaining this privilege make up a majority of the school. Juniors and underclassmen are not ready to say goodbye to this newfound freedom anytime soon.

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Claire Moylan is a junior and a Photo Manager for the Observer. This is her second year taking journalism and she is super excited to continue working on the Observer. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and lacrosse and spending time with friends.

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