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Moco For Change organizes another walkout

Moco for change gave out free pins to students who attended the march.

By Max Kandel, News Editor

April 5, 2019

On Thursday March 14, the student-led group Moco For Change arranged the movements for a walkout. They protested gun violence and pressured Congress to pass a bipartisan background check bill. Each school has their own representative from Moco For Change organizing the efforts, and they all have their o...

New Ride On bus initiative to transport students for free

Rideonbus drives in downtown Rockville.

By Max Kandel, News Editor

April 1, 2019

As of now, the Montgomery County Council has a plan in place to expand the Kids Ride Free program. However, they must wait to see if Montgomery County allocated enough money to allow expansion. Currently, the Kids Ride Free program allows students 18 and under to ride the Ride On buses for free with...

WCHS basketball programs hosts Midnight Madness

The Varsity Girls Basketball team huddles before the start of the event.

By Max Kandel, News Editor

December 20, 2018

On Nov. 30 the boys and girls basketball teams hosted Midnight Madness. The event was intended to boost excitement/hype for the teams’ upcoming season, was free to students and other young community members and helped raise funds for both teams. The night included a three point shooting competition, a dunk co...

TOTM: Scott Rivinius

Scott Rivinius is the November TOTM.

By Max Kandel, News Editor

November 21, 2018

Teaching in three different states and being an athletic director are not simple tasks, but Personal Finance and AP Comparative Government teacher Scott Rivinius has been able to juggle it all. A member of the social studies department, Rivinius has taught a wide range of courses including U.S. History, Wo...

New hall passes spread germs through WCHS

Freshmen Aaron Yue uses a hall pass to use the restroom during class.

By Max Kandel, News Editor

September 28, 2018

This school year, CHS introduced new bathroom and hall passes in order to help teachers keep track of students who leave the classroom during class. Each classroom gets two passes, and each pass has the room number of the classroom to which it belongs printed on the front. While these passes are meant...

TOTM: Stacye Steele-Yue

TOTM: Stacye Steele-Yue

By Max Kandel, News Editor

May 17, 2018

Crediting her childhood growing up all over the world—from Columbia to Peru to Spain and to Mexico—this month’s Teacher of the Month, Stacey Steele-Yue, is able to teach her students Spanish culture in ways that they never could have imagined. A member of the foreign language department, Steele-Yue teaches ...

Athlete of the Month: January 2018

Courtesy of Robert Rizzo

By Max Kandel, Observations Editor

February 11, 2018

Seven years ago junior Robert Rizzo stepped on the diving board at Country Glen pool for the first time. Today he is a key contributor to the CHS swim and dive team and one of the best divers in the county.   This season, Rizzo has helped the CHS Swim and Dive team pick up wins against Walte...

Israeli-Palestinian conflict makes its way to college campuses

2017 CHS alumnus and current UMD freshman Dan Alpert speaks out against BDS.

By Julia Lescht and Max Kandel

January 2, 2018

Throughout the last few years the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement has become prevalent among U.S. college campuses as various Student Senate groups hold votes on whether to enact or promote BDS at their universities. Most of the time, these resolutions are non-binding, as in the college ...

Teacher of the Month: Christopher Forney

By Max Kandel, Observations Editor

December 13, 2017

Even though AP Psychology and AP World History are both difficult classes, Christopher Forney engages his students in a supportive way while also trying to emulate his favorite childhood teacher. A member of the social studies department at CHS, November’s Teacher of the Month, Mr. Forney, exceeds...

Principals travel overseas for High School in Israel experience

Principal Joan Benz and assistant principal Doreen Brandes paired up with educators from all over the nation in an enriching experience to learn about High School in Israel opportunities.

By Jake Herman and Max Kandel

November 1, 2017

This summer, Principal Joan Benz and Assistant Principal Doreen Brandes traveled to Israel with a group of educators from across the country, where they learned about Alexander Muss High School in Israel (HSI) and experienced some major cities and landmarks of the country.   HSI is a high school program that allows jew...

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