Teacher of the Month: Christopher Forney

By Max Kandel, Observations Editor

Even though AP Psychology and AP World History are both difficult classes, Christopher Forney engages his students in a supportive way while also trying to emulate his favorite childhood teacher.

A member of the social studies department at CHS, November’s Teacher of the Month, Mr. Forney, exceeds expectations as he instructs several difficult subjects. By teaching students that have many different interests, Forney ensures that he is relaxed and approachable.

“You don’t always connect with all of your students,” Forney said. “There are good days and not-so-good days. I try to be helpful and understanding, and reach kids where they’re at.”

Forney’s teaching style is generally relaxed while also being supportive and friendly as he is always willing to help his students succeed. Because he teaches two AP courses, Forney understands that he must be willing to adapt to students needs.

“I love my job and I love helping my students,” Forney said. “This award is great acknowledgement for all I have been doing.”

Forney credits his high school history teacher Mr. Campbell with inspiring him to teach, as well as helping him understand the aspects of teaching.

“He was a goofball, a total cut-up who laughed a lot in class,” Forney said. “He did accents and really connected with students and it was obvious that he enjoyed teaching. I remember sitting in his class thinking, `I could do this.’”

Forney’s students definitely see that fun personality that he tries to emulate his high school history teacher.

“Rather than just reading off the powerpoint, he hands out papers with drawings and cartoons and sketches on the whiteboard,” junior Emma Bomfim said. “He even sometimes will act out some concepts during class [which] makes class so exciting.”

Forney also credits his colleagues in the social studies department, with allowing him to succeed as a teacher.

“I’m also lucky to teach in a great department on two teams, World and Psych, that are stacked with creative, fun, organized, innovative and tech savvy colleagues who care about kids,” Forney said.
While Forney is thankful for the recognition, his students are just thrilled to have a teacher like him.

“He goes the extra mile,” Bomfim said. “He is always available during lunch and he always makes sure that everyone understands the material.”