TOTM: Scott Rivinius


Photo by Riley Hurr

Scott Rivinius is the November TOTM.

By Max Kandel, News Editor

Teaching in three different states and being an athletic director are not simple tasks, but Personal Finance and AP Comparative Government teacher Scott Rivinius has been able to juggle it all.

A member of the social studies department, Rivinius has taught a wide range of courses including U.S. History, World History, AP NSL, and Comparative Religion. At WCHS, however, he is the main teacher of the popular classes AP Comparative Government and Personal Finance. Prior to teaching at WCHS, Rivinius taught at schools in Texas, MA and NC.

“I’ve taught for 16 years,” Rivinius said. “I’ve taught at Churchill for seven years, and three of those years I was also the athletic director. Over the years, I have coached football, basketball and baseball.”

Rivinus understands that he mostly teachesa upperclassmen and realizes that those years come with a lot of stress. Because of this, Rivinius attempts to reduce the amount of stress that students have by creating a more easygoing atmosphere in his classes.

“I try to have a relaxed environment in class where we try to find interesting articles and videos to supplement the curriculum,” Rivinius said.

Besides teaching, Rivinius loves learning about his students and is genuinely interested in his students’ lives and interests.

“Mr. Rivinius always notices when I wear a college shirt and asks about my particular interest in that school,” senior Gunjan Singh said. “It makes me feel cared about and that someone other than my family and friends cares about my specific college decision.”

Rivinius is glad to know that his students appreciate his teaching style and personality in the classroom.

“We have a great group of students here at Churchill that I really enjoy teaching,” Rivinius said. “For the most part, I have had juniors and seniors and I really enjoy working with them as they are preparing for their next steps after Churchill.”

Outside of school, Rivinius enjoys spending time with his three sons and going to museums and historical attractions in Washington D.C.

“I want to give students the opportunity to succeed,” Rivinius said. “I want students to enjoy the coursework and have it connect to their lives beyond Churchill.”