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With No Seniors, Softball Captains Step Up to Lead the Team

Varsity Softball  features two sophomore captains and two junior captains in place of seniors. The team is off to a 2-8 start.
May 4, 2016

On any varsity team, it is almost a given that the heart and soul of the team revolves around senior leadership, four-year players who know the ropes and are looking to make an impact on their final season,...

Eric Guerci Re-elected as SMOB

Eric Guerci attends a board meeting during his first term as SMOB this past year.
May 2, 2016

Eric Guerci of B-CC was re-elected as the MCPS Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB) April 27. Every student attending a secondary school in MCPS was eligible to vote and 84.1 percent of them...

Colin Smyth commits to Delaware

Colin Smyth is a key leader for the football team, and is bound to make an impact at Delaware.
March 22, 2016

The Churchill Observer would like to congratulate Colin Smyth for committing to the University of Delaware to play football in the fall of 2016. “I’m really excited, it seemed like a perfect fit,”...

Boys Basketball Catches Fire After Slow Start

The team gethers in a huddle on the court during a game to get the players pumped up. The team went on a seven-game win streak one point i the season after starting 1-4
February 25, 2016

After a disappointing 1-4 start to the season, the now 12-9 boys varsity basketball team has turned it around and propelled themselves into relevancy as they look ahead to the playoffs. The Bulldogs...

Rec Ball is the Solution for Your Daily Stress

January 4, 2016

You’ve always loved basketball, but if you’re anything like me, the best word to describe your ability is “decent.” You know you aren’t good enough for the school team, but you’re not ready...

Homecoming Court King and Queen to be announced at half time

Homecoming Court King and Queen to be announced at half time
October 7, 2015

Congratulations to this years’ Homecoming court princes and princesses: Freshmen: Vivian Douglas and Michael Janis Sophomores: Faith Kean and Jimmy Rubino Juniors: David Levy and Frannie Phillips Seniors:...

Girls Lacrosse players named to All-District Team

Girls Lacrosse players named to All-District Team
May 27, 2015

The Churchill Observer would like to congratulate senior Rachel Thal-Larsen, junior Bethany Dubick and junior Ashley Simpson for making the All-District Girls Lacrosse team. Thal-Larsen and Dubick both...

Indoor practices do not work, let the Dawgs out

In preparation for tryouts Feb. 28, boys lacrosse players shoveled their practice field Feb. 25, only to have school closed the next day due to snow.
March 23, 2015

As someone who has participated in baseball every year at CHS, I have experienced first-hand the effects cold and snow have on tryouts and practice. Every year I have been here it has been an issue. In...

It’s not news, it’s common sense

NFL running back Adrian Peterson once played for the untarnished University of Oklahoma football team. The team now faces controversy following racial slurs from an OU fraternity.
March 16, 2015

By now, I am assuming that most of you readers have seen or heard the disgusting video from the University of Oklahoma’s chapter of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon in which several white members of...

The Turkey Bowl: A national tradition

Family and friends of junior Eli Promisel gather for their anual game of Thanksgiving football.
November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving: a time for family, food, friends and football. Thanksgiving is about bringing people together; while some people may gather around a turkey, there are plenty of others—at Churchill and...

Wizards fans plead: Durant, please come home

Wizards fans plead: Durant, please come home
October 24, 2014

“I’m Coming Home.” These three simple words and a photo of LeBron James in his old Cleveland Cavaliers jersey appeared on his instagram photo July 11.  After four years and two championships...

OSPN: Observer Sports People Network

October 8, 2014

The Churchill Observer recaps all CHS sports in the new segment OSPN.

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