Seniors mourn loss of final spring season


Courtesy of Jessica Bown

Lauren Kuo (left) and Jessica Bowen (right) get pumped up before their 2019 State Cross Country Meet. Kuo and Bowen have been on the team since freshman year and were disappointed when their last season was cancelled.

By Maya Bhattiprolu, Online Editor

Prom, graduation, beach week. Seniors have lost multiple important milestones this year. For senior athletes, they’re missing out on something else too: their final season. 

“I was really disappointed when I heard it was cancelled,” cross country and track co-captain Jessica Bowen said.  “I wanted to be able to get some of my best PRs this season in the meets and be able to make some final memories with my best friends before leaving for college.”

Bowen has been running since elementary school, training with her mother who ran half marathons. Committed to Purdue University in Indiana, Bowen won’t be able to see her friends and family very often because of the distance. For her, the spring season was her last chance to spend time with the team. 

“The team was like a huge family,” Bowen said. “They made running fun and enjoyable and made me want to be the best runner I could be.”

Bowen has made many friends since joining the WCHS running community, including co-captain Lauren Kuo, who is attending Northeastern University in Massachusetts this fall. 

“I miss seeing my friends at practices everyday and the whole meet day vibe at the races,” Kuo said. “I was super excited to just have fun and have a more relaxed season with my friends and teammates before saying our goodbyes.” 

Although neither Kuo or Bowen are running for their college, they do plan on joining club teams. On the bright side, the time in quarantine allows them to stay in shape. 

“I’ve been doing a lot more distance running and increasing my mileage,” Bowen said.  “I want to work up to running a 10 miler.”

Bowen and Kuo aren’t the only ones affected by the loss of the spring season. Senior Julie Winston has been rowing for two years and is committed to the University of Massachusetts for their crew team.  

“I miss being with my teammates and competing in regattas,” Winston said. “I was upset to hear that my last season was cancelled because it was my last chance to make memories with my team.”

Winston, like other athletes, is using quarantine to work on her personal records by running, rowing on the erg, (an indoor rowing machine), or doing body circuits for muscles like planks, push ups, etc. 

“The break hasn’t affected me too much,” Winston said. “It has made it to where I can’t practice in boats but I’m still trying to say in shape so I’m ready when I do get to go back on the water.”

Although they missed out on highly coveted milestones, Bowen, Kuo, and Winston cherish the memories they’ve made and lessons they’ve learned. 

“Always push yourself, because you’re capable of more than you can even imagine,” Bowen said. “Push the pack and work with your teammates. Running with someone is always better than running alone.”