Poms continues training to remain within division two

By Kathy Hu, Advertising and Subscriptions Manager

Poms often does not get the credit they deserve, as they are one of only two teams at WCHS whose season lasts through both the fall and winter seasons. Their fall season consists of performing at halftime during football games, while their winter season consists of competing against other poms teams across the county.

WCHS poms is currently in division two, but is at risk of being moved down to division three for next season if they do not place in the top five at their county competition this year.

Division one is the highest division for school sports and division three is the lowest division, with division two ranking right in the middle.

Poms competition season lasts from Jan. to Feb., with three competitions in Jan. and their final county competition in Feb. The team placed eighth in the county competition last year and are coming into the 2019 competition season training harder than ever.

“Moving down to division three would be a really big disappointment, especially considering all of the hard work we put in,” junior Danielle Short said.

They have a roughly five minute routine that they perform at each competition, which includes five different styles of dance including lyrical, hip-hop, jazz, pom and kick. Teams are judged based on technique, performance, style and cleanliness of the routine.

“The team is more focused and determined to be a stronger team than ever. We are very optimistic about the upcoming season because we have a lot of choreography that is different than past years,” head coach Tiffany Carmi said.

There is already a lot of pressure to do well at each of their four competitions, but the possibility of moving down a division adds even more pressure.

“If we keep up our current work ethic and continue to have the right attitude, we can come out on top because we have been working so hard,” sophomore Brooke Glickman said.

Despite their positive outlook on the upcoming competition season, team members are still feeling immense pressure as competition season is rapidly approaching.

“This season, the team’s mindset is definitely more serious than past years,” junior Danielle Miller said. “Although it is a lot of pressure, we certainly gain a new goal, which helps us practice harder.”