CHS should add more Wellness Weekends


A student studies for her English test.

By Dana Harris, Online Features Editor

Oh man another all-nighter. Three tests, one quiz and an essay all due tomorrow.  I can’t wait for a break this weekend.  Oh wait, it is not a wellness weekend.

On special occasions such as Homecoming and Prom, CHS awards us with a wellness weekend.  This is essentially a homework free weekend, assuming all the teachers abide by the rule.  These wellness weekends do not occur frequently enough.

Administration should implement at least one wellness weekend a month in order to help relieve the stress of busy CHS students.

As students, we experience a tremendous amount of stress from the amount of school work each day, assessments more than once a week, and the pressure to increase our number of AP and honors classes.

According to a recent UCLA student, the average teenager today has the anxiety level of an average 1950s psychiatric patient.

Students need a break from all this mounting pressure. Rather than constantly pushing students to their breaking point administration needs to help relieve the stress. These crucial high school years should not be all about academics. This is a time to form friendships and to try new activities, if students are stuck indoors every weekend studying for their next tests they will never get a chance to experience the world.

Students need a break and it’s up to administration to give it to them. It’s time for wellness weekend to make a comeback.