WCHS students rally to create breast cancer walk


Sapna David

CHS students, including Varsity Cheer and the drumline walk around the track to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

By Sapna David, Assistant Arts Editor

Seniors Jenny Dalrymple and Karly Emery organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Oct. 17, during second period to campaign for breast cancer.In accordance to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students and staff were encouraged to dress in pink and hold up posters during the walk.

“I thought the walk was really nice because it allowed me to honor my grandma, a breast cancer survivor, and [help contribute to her] fight against cancer,” junior Ellen Newbold said.

Many members of the CHS community have friends or family members who have been affected by this disease. It is essential for CHS students to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

“I have five sister-in-laws and two of them have had double mastectomies, so it is very important for me to represent the courage they have in battling this disease,” spanish teacher Robert Roos said.

The walk was very effective and well organized. The CHS drumline, cheer team and poms lead the walk outside on the track.

“I think that with students participating in this walk, it also builds the community at CHS as we all participated in the walk to spread awareness,” senior Karly Emery said.