Senior Banquet Brings Class of 2016 Together


Photo Courtesy of Sahara Mokhtari

Seniors gather for a picture after paper plate awards.

By Emi Cardinale, Production Manager

The Class of 2016 senior banquet was held April 28 at the Marriott Hotel.

At the banquet, seniors sat with their friends and took pictures, food was served, the senior slideshow was presented, the winners of the senior superlatives were announced, and seniors picked up their alumni shirts.

“I think the best part was the superlatives,” senior Eli Promisel said. “It was amazing to see how well we were able to choose what best represented some of the people in our class. There was also such a wide variety of different people, it was great.”

For many seniors, the banquet was a milestone and an important way to wrap up senior year and their high school experience overall.

“Senior banquet was probably one of the most bittersweet and emotional nights ever,” senior and class of 2016 historian Sahara Mokhtari said. “It was exciting and fun to see our class come together to enjoy and celebrate the end of the year. However, it also showed us the reality that senior year is actually coming to an end. Personally, the best part of the event was watching everyone’s reaction to the senior slideshow. Many people including myself teared up because we’ve all grown up together. Making and watching the slideshow really made me appreciate the classmates and school I have grown up with and in. Churchill has given us an amazing place to meet new people, share wonderful memories, and enjoy some of the best years of our lives.”


Senior Superlatives:

Best Smile: Camila Crema, Jonny Greenzaid

Best Personality: Annabelle Humiston, Brandon Schumacher

Most Stylish: Chloe Levy, Alex Goldstein

Best Class Project Partner: Jasmine Baten, Eli Promisel

Class Clown: Carly Rosenfeld, Daniel Aivazov

Best Physique: Sydney Veater, JJ Bravo

Cutest Couple: Nicole Brodkowitz, Austin LaBorwit

Cutest Couple That Never Was: Andrea Mejia-Madriz, Aashay Joshi

Most Talkative: Emma Margolis, Ariel Levchenko

Biggest Flirt: Evani Seested, Augustin Scriven

Most Athletic: Annie Moshyedi, Andrew Zuckerman

Most Spirited Bulldog: Raz Moayed, Andre Penzes

Most Likely to be Famous: Sahara Mokhtari, Adam Kass

Mr & Miss Sunshine: Isabel Jordan, Michael Fox

Best to take Home to Mom & Dad: Alex Conway, Noah Fogelson

Most Artistic: Sophia Kim, Matt Lukin

Most Likely to be President: Couty Fall, Mark Weinstein

Best Car: Isabel & Jessica Dibble, Jake Certner

Gossip Girl & Guy: Lily Pourahmad, Bradley Lawrence

Best Hair: Lily Kosova, Spencer Ihm

Drama Queen & King: Kat Solomon, Sean Coleman

Funniest Laugh: Camellia Hedayat, Adam Gray

Most Attractive: Brynn Shemer, Austin LaBorwit

Most likely to be late for Graduation: Elanore Fuller, Michael Yazdani

Biggest Ego: Davies Gage, Dylan Cohen

Best Dance Moves: Gabby Henoch, Andy Reyes

Best Musician: Hannah Hua, Anthony Ratinov

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize: Madison Hurr, Kevin Wang