THRIVE Club brings peace to CHS


Jordyn Green

Caitlyn Jennings, Maya Simon, and Kiley Greiner (the officers of the new THRIVE club) after the club’s first meditation, held by sponsor Makeyda Soriano.

By Jordyn Green, Assistant Online Editor-in-Chief

CHS can be one of the most stressful places there is, so it’s often hard to find a place to relax.

The THRIVE club, whose main goal is to make CHS a more positive environment, decided to hold a lunchtime meditation Apr. 20. The meditation was led by guidance counselor Makeyda  Soriano, who meditates daily.

“Meditation is a great opportunity to relax and collect oneself when going through a stressful period,” Soriano said.

This meditation was independent, as opposed to what people normally think of when they think of meditation. The meditation was very guided in the beginning, but then loosened up towards the end. The auditorium was dark and everyone laid on the floor as peaceful music played in the background.

Because Apr. is Stress Awareness Month, the THRIVE club decided to hold the meditation this month.

“AP tests are right around the corner, so we thought this would be the most useful for students,” freshman and THRIVE Club member Kelly Yu said.

There were 15 people in attendance, but the club hopes that the attendance rates will go up. They want to create posters and advertise on the Daily Dose so that more people show up to the next session.

“We want to make more events and promote them more so more people come to them,” Yu said.

“Meditating makes me feel very relaxed and calm,” sophomore Vicki Ye said. “I even momentarily forgot about all the stress of homework and AP tests.”

In May, the THRIVE club plans on doing another meditation.

“I’m excited to attend again,” Ye said. “That was the best twenty minutes of my life.”