Key Club Fundraiser

By Sarah O'Brien , Production Editor

Montgomery County Key Club hosted an event Oct. 18 for Project Eliminate, which vaccinates mothers and their newborn babies from neonatal and maternal tetanus in developing countries.
They raised $1,200, in the form of donations and raffles, compared to the $700 last year. It costs $1.80 to vaccinate a mother against tetanus.

“Our big goal is to help our community, people who need help, and bring everyone together,” said Angela Pu, senior president of the CHS chapter of the Key Club.

This event had free concessions, music, T-shirts for sale, and various raffle prizes such as gift cards and free T-shirts.

“Our next fundraiser is Trick or Treat for UNICEF where members ask for donations during trick or treating,” said Dorothy Hu, senior and Lieutenant Governor of the CHS division of Key Club.