CHS Students Show Appreciation for their Teachers

By Hannah Yasharoff, Senior Writer

Since 1985, schools across the United States have celebrated National teacher Appreciation Week during the first week of May and National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 5 to honor everyone’s favorite teachers.

In an effort to show gratitude toward CHS teachers this week, the Sources of Strength program run by the National Honors Society invited students to write the name of their trusted CHS adults on a sheet of green paper, all of which are now displayed in the main office windows.

“It’s important to tell your trusted adult what they mean to you so they can recognize the role they play in students’ lives and continue to keep up their positive impact,” senior NHS Vice President Cece Wallerstedt said. “My trusted adult was [Ceramics teacher Brendan] Roddy. I have had him as a teacher for two years now and I know that if I was ever really struggling or needed help he would be more than willing to try and help.”

Senior NHS President Lucy Srour also acknowledged her trusted adults in CHS, writing slips for several teachers including social studies teacher Paul Jacobson, Physics teacher Yuri Achille and social studies teacher Christine Carlson.

“All of these teachers are always looking out for their students and are great role models,” Srour said.

The significance of students publicly acknowledging their admiration and trust for an adult at CHS is not lost on the adults themselves.

“I think that students often forget that teachers are some of the hardest working people,” English teacher and senior class sponsor Christin Nixon said. “A little appreciation goes a long way.”