MCPS student film fest

The Movies at Montgomery Mall will host the MCPS Student Film Festival March 31, coordinated by senior Laura Butvinik and junior Nina Katz. The festival
will show videos that high school students
submitted to Butvinik and Katz.
The festival costs $5 for the whole day, and, during the festival, which is followed by an award ceremony, people will be able to watch all videos entered by students.
According to Katz, students may enter videos that are less than 10 minutes
into categories such as drama, animation, documentary, comedy or music video.
The festival provides an opportunity to view rising videographers and to help the students display their hard work.
“I really like films and filmmaking,” Butvinik said. “[I thought] it would be a good way to build interest and promotestudent filmmaking in the area.”
In addition to helping to support the arts, the festival is also donating all proceeds
to the Free the Children charity.
According to the Free the Children’s
website, money donated to the charity has brought over 650 schools, school rooms and water projects to impoverished communities around the world.