The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Turning in late assignments can lead to a huge build-up of work and a lack of knowledge of class content.

Should students have to turn in their assingments on time?

By Paige Tasin, Social Media Manager May 16, 2022

The 2021-22 school year was an interesting adjustment for many students. Everyone was forced to relearn how to manage time while balancing a busy schedule. With the calm and relaxed policies during the...

WCHS students devote time into volunteering at the Potomac Community Center. Left to Right: Beth Coffman, Assistant Director of Potomac Community Center, Luke Sumberg,  Sydney Rodman, Macafie Bobo, Abbey Zheng, Julia Greenberg, Jordyn Reicin, Peter Selikoqirz, Director of Potomac Community Center, Adam Horowitz, Andrew Chan.

Students actively volunteer at the Potomac Community Center

By David Malament, Productions Manager June 4, 2019

In September 2018, the Potomac Community Center director, Peter Selikowitz, had the idea to start a student advisory board to brainstorm new events and activities for the PCC. “A lot of attendance...

This is Dani and other members of Moco4Change at a protest of the NRA at the NRA headquarters. The new potential protest law will limit student activists’ ability to show their opinions

Potential protest reform laws could limit student activism

By Sophie Liss, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2018

A proposal introduced in Aug. suggested that the National Park Service (NPS) should require protestors to reimburse the agency for the support and security it provides during demonstrations. In addition,...

Bill Expands SMOB Power

By Rebecca Jackson, Circulation Manager March 22, 2016

The Maryland House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 87, which will significantly expand the voting rights of the Student Member of the Board (SMOB) for Montgomery County. If passed in the...

Foreign exchange students enjoy a day in the city.

CHS welcomes foreign exchange students from France

By Sara Heimlich, Public Relations Manager November 10, 2015

From Nov. 4 through Nov. 14, CHS students enrolled in French classes have the opportunity to get involved in an exchange program and host students from Lycée Célonie (Célonie High School) in Aix-en-Provence,...

Clarksburg HS senior Dahlia Huh (left) and CHS seniors Sammi Silber and Elina Kapoor (center and right) display their books at Student Author Night.

CHS hosts first Student Author Night

By Madison Hurr and Arjun Swaminathan February 7, 2015

The CHS Educational Foundation held a student author book showcasing and signing event Feb. 4 featuring CHS seniors Sammi Silber and Elina Kapoor and SMOB representative and Clarksburg HS senior Dahlia...

The ‘G-word’ sparks a flame, splits gingers

By Tyler Mead, Observations Production Editor February 24, 2012

The G-word, or “ginger,” was popularized in a 2005 episode of South Park in which Eric Cartman, a character on the show, reported that “gingers” have no souls and were basically vampires. Since...

Getting an allowance isnt all about the money

Getting an allowance isn’t all about the money

By Lori Koenick, Features Editor February 24, 2012

Food, movies, clothes, gas—a small sampling of a teenager’s budget. Every teen has needs and wants, but deciding who pays for what—the options being the child or parent of course—is frequently...

Student EMTs make a difference in community

November 28, 2011

Firefighters, doctors and policemen are only a few examples of the people who sacrifice their time to protect us and sometimes save our lives. CHS is proud to claim multiple everyday heroes of our...

Is it just me, or is everybody doing it?

By By Amna Farooqi and Nicole Weltmann, Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer November 21, 2011

Last summer, junior David* pulled up to a parking lot. He stopped the car and motioned for a girl he knows, another CHS student, to get in the backseat. Obligingly, she climbed in, he joined her, and they...

Foreign exchange students experience CHS culture

By Jordan Maser Staff Writer October 27, 2011

  It is not a secret that a good number of American students have a soft spot for foreign exchange students because of their accents, sense of style and interesting backgrounds. Typically there are...

Therapy provides outlet for teens under stress

By Amna Farooqi, Editor-in-Chief April 15, 2011

During the developmental years of adolescence, it’s safe to say that life is ruled by stress. Whether it’s the stress of academics, the stress of group drama or the stress of relationships, stress...

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