MCR discusses food service, budget

Recent meetings of the Montgomery County Region (MCR) of the Maryland Association of Student Councils have been primarily concerned with the food service industry within MCPS and the country budget crisis.

According to sophomore class MCR Representative Hal Zeitlin, the main goal of food service in schools is to be appealing, high quality, nutritious and respectful of students, needs and differences. Vegetarian and vegan options are also made available to students every day.

The meeting also discussed how MCPS is facing an extreme budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board of Education cut $200 million through reductions, reorganization and cutbacks.

MCPS is asking the County Council for a one percent increase in their operation budget to $2.2 billion due to an increase in the student population of MCPS.

All students interested in participating in the process should attend the Montgomery County Council meeting in April to voice their opinions.