Recess returns at WCHS


Photo by Julia Levi

Located in the WCHS courtyard, the new playground is complete with a trampoline, jungle gym, several slides and a parkour obstacle course.

By Julia Levi, Pro Lefty-ist

Are you missing your childhood? Feeling nostalgic? Wishing you could feel like a kid again? Lucky for you, this might just be possible. After months of endless requests submitted to the main office, WCHS will be constructing a brand new playground in the courtyard. Wednesday advisory will now be replaced with an optional recess period, and students will be able to use the playground at all times during lunch.

The playground will be complete with two slides, a set of swings, a jungle gym, monkey bars, a trampoline and a parkour obstacle course. Students will finally have the time and outlet that they need to energize themselves in the midst of their dull and tedious work-filled days while unleashing their inner child.

“When I heard about the new playground, I was overjoyed,” WCHS senior See Saw said. “It’s hard to believe that it’s taken this long for WCHS to do this. I can’t remember the last time I saw a playground, so I’m excited to bring something back from my childhood that I have been missing for a while.”

Although all of the new playground equipment is without doubt exciting, students particularly await the parkour obstacle course.

“I have never tried parkour before, so I am thrilled to be able to try it for the first time on the new playground,” WCHS junior Merry Go-Round said. “I watched all the episodes of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ to prepare for this. I can’t stop thinking about all the cool tricks I’m going to do on the course to impress all my friends.”

WCHS students oftentimes find themselves feeling drowned in homework, tests, and assignments while preparing for college looms over their heads. Free time on the new playground will help clear their minds, give them a boost of positive energy and something to look forward to during the day.

“Every day, I find myself feeling constantly unmotivated and burned out,” Saw said. “Having a break for lunch simply is not enough for me. A brief period of recess during the school day will give me energy and the boost I need to stay motivated. With the new playground, I will finally be able to fit some physical activity into my school day while being able to feel like a child again.”

The construction of the playground demonstrates the power that students have when they voice their wants and needs to the school. Many students felt empowered after realizing that their submitted requests for the playground have contributed to school-wide change, impacting everyone at WCHS for the better.

“I came up with the idea to start sending in requests after I was feeling nostalgic one afternoon,”  Go-Round said. I remembered how my favorite childhood memories all happened on a playground and thought to myself about how great it would be if WCHS had a playground. It’s amazing that WCHS administration listened to what their students wanted. I feel inspired to impact more change within my community that appeals to all of my peers. It’s hard to put into words how excited I am because I think that no one should be too old for recess.”