Purr-fect dates with the purr-fect person – fur real!


Photo Courtesy of Crumbs and Whiskers

Crumbs and Whiskers houses cuddly kittens and offers delicious drinks and food to enjoy with a significant other on Valentine’s Day.

By Kalena Yee, Arts Editor

The air is getting chillier and the sun is setting earlier, meaning one thing: cuffing season, a period during the colder months when people are more inclined to couple up in a romantic relationship. Whether one is in a relationship, trying to muster up the courage to ask out a special someone, or just wanting to have a fun time, here are some creative date ideas that one will not be able to refuse.

Cat Cafe – Crumbs and Whiskers, Georgetown D.C.
Looking for the purrr-fect date? A cat cafe is the way to go. Spend up to 70 minutes snuggled up against these cuddly kitties and a significant other while enjoying refreshing beverages and delectable desserts. If the cards are played right, warm lattes and loving kittens will not be the only heart-melting factors.

In addition, Crumbs and Whiskers partners with local animal shelters to house and find suitable homes for these fascinating felines, so if more than one love interest is found during the date, there is a chance to adopt and take them home. Caution: make sure no one has any cat allergies.

Laser Tag – Shadowland, Gaithersburg
For those in the mood for a little friendly competition and a lot of fun, laser tag is the perfect way to shoot your shot. The objective is to shoot as many people as many times as possible with a laser gun and avoid getting shot by other players, all while running around a glow-in-the-dark obstacle course.

Whether as a team or as one-on-one competitors, couples can enjoy the thrill of their adrenaline rushing and hearts pumping. This test of aim, agility and stamina will be a truly exhilarating experience for every participant.

Escape Room – Escape Quest, Bethesda
Worried about a first date? Have no fear. An escape room is a great bonding activity for new couples. Solve puzzles, discover clues, and crack codes in order to achieve the overarching goal of escaping a room in under 60 minutes. If one is worried about the date being a little awkward, Escape Quest offers private games for teams made up of two to 10 people, so feel free to invite a mutual friend or two to ease the tension, or even go on a double date.

With a variety of appealing scenarios to choose from like The Black Widow and The King’s Ransom, an escape room date is not only a captivating experience, but also a fun way to assess and build a couple’s teamwork and compatibility. Be sure to come prepared with a thinking cap and sense of adventure for this mind stimulating challenge.

Thrifting – Goodwill, Rockville
What is more romantic than reducing one’s environmental footprint? Couples can search for hidden gems and laugh over bizarre items, all for a great deal. Thrifting is proof that one does not have to spend a fortune for a good time.

To spice it up, there are countless challenges to try and make thrifting a little more exciting. Couples can head to Goodwill and pick outfits for each other to see how well they really know one another’s fashion taste. Another challenge is to find the most outrageous outfits for each other within a set budget. If eager to seal the deal, dare to take it a step further and ask to wear these outfits out in public on the next date.

5. Volunteering
Giving back to the community is a unique way for couples to bond and connect. Volunteering can promote happiness and satisfaction not only in relationships but as an individual.

If in the mood for a picnic date or walk in the park, help pick up trash in the park or plant trees. If wanting to stay in for a movie night, try making care packages for veterans while watching the movie. Put a twist on eating out at a restaurant by volunteering at a local soup kitchen and serving those in need. Whether big or small, any way to give back to the community will warm the couple’s hearts, and also the hearts of those around them.

Whether it is at a cat cafe, or just a movie at home, these unique date ideas are sure to bring a smile to any partner’s face, but keeping it there is up to you!