The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Held on Feb. 1, The Chinese Honor Societys Lunar New Year Gala was an opportunity for the WCHS community to come together and celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Parent volunteers provided a diverse selection of Asian cuisine for attendees to try.

AAPI celebrations bloom across club events

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor May 13, 2024

Discrimination, stereotypes and racism are struggles that Asian Americans have experienced and still experience to this day. Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month is dedicated to honoring the...

WCHS senior Allison Zhang completes her asynchronous learning work on April 22, 2024. She appreciates the flexibility of doing school work at home and on her own time.

Asynchronous day at WCHS leaves students with work instead of fun

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor April 30, 2024

On Monday April 22, WCHS students did not wake up and rush to catch the bus; instead they rolled out of bed to learn in the comfort of their own home. Was this a flashback to the COVID-19 pandemic? No,...

The High School Bachelor: Prom Edition starring Jake Fetcher will air every Wednesday on Bulldog TV during advisory starting April 10.

Welcome the new bachelor in town, Jake Fetcher the Bulldog

By Kalena Yee, Always Sick April 11, 2024

Fed up with the same old awkward dates filled with forced conversations and plastered smiles? Have you ever dreamed of dancing the night away at prom with the perfect date and making unforgettable memories,...

Influencers can set unrealistic beauty standards and preconceived notions of what ones life is supposed to look like.

The dark side of teenage influencer idolization

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor March 1, 2024

In the age of social media, it is now easier than ever to “jump on the bandwagon” on whoever and whatever is trending. With just a short viral picture or video, influencers can gain an instant, strong...

WCHS senior Sabrina Chou poses with a fellow swim manager at a Varsity swim and dive meet.

WCHS sports team managers, the superstars behind the scenes

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor January 22, 2024

Renowned for its exceptional athletics and star athletes, WCHS takes pride in its sports. However, a crucial part of WCHS sports is often overlooked—the behind-the-scenes organizers and glue of every...

WCHS senior Zoey Tahardi works as a videographer for School Days Productions where she records performances for organizations like Montgomery County Youth Orchestra and Young Artists of America.

Student Art Spotlight: Zoey Tahardi

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor January 5, 2024

With her Sony A7IV in hand, WCHS senior Zoey Tahardi can often be spotted in the crowd of sports games and concerts snapping photos that spotlight other students. However, in this article, Tahardi herself...

WCHS senior Andrew Ashton, one of the few who participated in spirit week at WCHS, shows off his spirit by wearing elf pajamas during Homecoming Spirit Week. Themes included Pajama Day, Anything But a Backpack Day, and USA Day.

Is WCHS school spirit dead?

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor November 13, 2023

WCHS has a problem. A spirit problem. Hallways that were once filled with students dressed up for spirit days are lacking color. Crowds cheering during sports games are dwindling as the season goes by....

On Oct. 11, 2023, Principal John Taylor sent out an email to the WCHS community about the cancellation of the PSAT.

MCPS PSAT test cancellation: online exam mayhem

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor October 23, 2023

In less than a year, yet another digital standardized test administered by the College Board has crashed for WCHS students. On Wednesday Oct. 11, many WCHS students were around 45 minutes into PSAT, when...

Typing on her computer, WCHS senior Jaehee Lee drafts ideas for a diversity prompted supplemental essay on Oct. 1 2023.

Admission anxiety heightens per affirmative action ban

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor October 18, 2023

The college admissions process has drastically changed over the past decade, including a sharply increased number of applicants, lowered acceptance rates, lasting effects of COVID-19 and the most recent...

Displayed here are some of the many Tiktok viral makeup products including Rare Beauty Blush, LOreal Telescopic mascara, Dior Oil and the Laneige Lip Mask.

The clock is ticking for Tiktok consumerism

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor June 8, 2023

From LED lights to New Balance 550s, TikTok is constantly discovering new products that will sell out in minutes. With so many creators, trends and growing businesses on the app, purchasing items because...

Papa Louie reunites with former employee, WCHS senior Alberto Scoop, afer his Cooking-media course presentation at WCHS on March 28.

Beloved chef Papa Louie aims to run new WCHS class

By Kalena Yee, Arts Editor June 2, 2023

Freezeria. Cupcakeria. Taco Mia. These all too familiar words bring up childhood memories for WCHS students. These memories will be brought to life as Papa Louie has come to teach his first introductory...

XO, Kitty releases on May 18, starring Anna Cathcart as Kitty and featuring many new characters.

“To All the Boys” spin-off series, “Xo, Kitty,” is set to hit Netflix

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor May 16, 2023

Finished with AP exams and need a new show to binge and unwind to? For rom-com lovers, the new Netflix series “XO, Kitty” might be the answer. On May 18, Netflix will release its new spin-off series,...

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