WCHS students have different opinions on virtual learning


Courtesy of Josh Heimlich

Josh Heimlich sits at his workspace in his house after a day of online school and works on his new assignments. “I enjoy having the freedom to choose where I want to work based on how productive I will be,” said Josh. Josh has been working in this office for the past few months because he has been productive here.

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager

A deadly virus has hit the world, putting countries into lockdown. Schools have been shut down and learning has changed, which has brought up the controversy of which learning method students thrive with more, online or in-person.

Most students have been participating in online learning through Zoom classes.  Many have more trouble learning online rather than in a classroom environment while others enjoy online school and learn better in their own homes.  

 Online school may have some perks because students can learn in whatever workspace they are most comfortable in. Other students may disagree and say they like the social aspect and interactions in school, being able to interact and ask questions. Some teachers may not be as familiar with online learning and struggle more than a traditional classroom.

The main reason why people miss being in school is because of the social aspects and interactions with teachers and other students they are missing out on.  

“In school learning is better for me because I feel like I can focus and be less distracted in a school setting rather than my house,” sophomore Alec Lehtman said. “My favorite thing about in school learning is being able to connect with friends.”

The main aspect that Lehtman likes about being in school is the ability for him to connect with others and socialize while being in the classroom environment where he is working with friends. He believes that there is a big downside to virtual learning: it is difficult to get to know teachers and meet new people because of these difficult circumstances.

A huge factor for Lehtman was his mental health in-school versus online. In school, he felt like he had his normal schedule and felt less anxious than during online school when everything was different. Change can be a very hard thing, which made online school hard to switch to for the students when the COVID-19 came along. Being in online school all day has not been the best for Alec because he is stuck at home doing work and he cannot see his friends often.  

For online school, a big issue may be things like distractions; many people go on their phones or walk away from their computer. This causes a lot of problems when it comes to students learning material from teachers during online school. 

Many teachers are not familiar with the online programs used to teach students online, making things more difficult for them and their students to use.

“I have a lot of teachers that are not very familiar with online resources including zoom which makes things difficult,” Lehtman said.

Although in-person school has more social interaction, online school can be more productive and help you have less anxiety. 

“Online school is more straightforward and gives more time to do things you want to do,” sophomore Josh Heimlich said.  

Heimlech prefers online school because he can spend time on things he enjoys because there is less work and stress in his life.  

With online school, all of the assignments can be done at his personal pace rather than in a 45 minute class period. Heimlech also enjoys online school because he has more time to go outside afterwards, which can help reduce his stress.  

A huge upside to online school is the idea that you can choose whatever space you feel comfortable and productive to work.  Some people may feel comfortable in their room, an office desk, their kitchen, or even outside.  Online school overall gives more flexibility for people like Heimlech and helps them remain productive, comfortable, and active.  A lot of people like Heimlech look on the bright side of quarantining and online school. They realize what they have gotten from it and how they can better themselves with what they have. 

Although Heimlich and Lehtman both seem to have strong opinions on online and in-person learning, they both agreed on some things.  One of Heimlich’s favorite parts about in-person learning was the social aspect which is lacking in online school. Lehtman also enjoys having that extra freedom where he is working during the day.  Whether one prefers online school or in school learning is based on the social aspect, learning environment, and productivity. Overall, online school and in school learning have their pros and cons. 

“No matter where I am learning I will make the best of it and expand my comfort zone,” Lehtman said.