CHS Nerdfighters work to ‘increase awesome’


By Sarah O'brien, Staff Writer

“Increasing awesome and decreasing world-suck” is a motto proudly used by Nerdfighters worldwide.

Nerdfighteria is a community of Nerdfighters all over the world who want to help others and bond over common interests. Nerdfighters unite and do everything from helping charities to making each other laugh. They talk about movies, books, television shows and anything else that is relevant in today’s society.

“The Nerdfighters essentially try to make the world a better place,” freshman member Bill Wu said. “It’s just a meeting of geeky people who watch too much television and spend too much time on the Internet.”

The group began in 2007 when brothers John and Hank Green started making video blogs (vlogs) on Youtube. With a growing number of subscribers, the Greens began to make more vlogs, ranging from explaining the invalid arguments of climate change to nerdy jokes. They became so popular that they adopted a fan base: the Nerdfighters.

“There is really no requirement for being a Nerdfighter, just if you want to be one, you can,” Wu said.

Recently, because of John Green’s novel The Fault in our Stars, Nerdfighters have been incredibly supportive of the upcoming movie that will be released on June 6.

“I’m excited because I fell in love with the book,” sophomore Aby Chun said.

In 2010, the Nerdfighters of the Greater D.C. area created a Facebook group for all of those who associate with them. There is also a Nerdfighter page for CHS students, and they can access both pages by requesting to join. Nerdfighters tend to be friendly, so they welcome newcomers with open arms. In the Greater D.C. area, for example, they will be playing the popular board game Clue on March 15 at Union Station; all are welcome to join in.

“Nerdfighteria has had a tremendous impact on my life,” said Jason Spriggs, senior member and group administrator for the Nerdfighters of the Greater D.C. area. “For me, it is a group of people who deeply care about me and who have chosen to become my friends, regardless of physical and geographic characteristics.”