Driver service phone app is ‘Uber’ convenient

Driver service phone app is 'Uber' convenient

The Uber application can be downloaded onto phones for free.

By Jordan Maser and Dana Harris

My family tends to play musical cars, and I am unfortunately most often the one left without a ride. When I am without cash and in serious need of transportation, my “go-to” option is Uber.

The Uber application, released in San Francisco in 2009, is a unique taxi cab service that is dedicated to making the travel around major cities less hectic and more convenient. Uber directs cars of one’s choosing to one’s current location, and the service is paid through a credit card number typed into the application.

Senior Alex Votaw recommends the application for local transportation in addition to city transportation.

“I used [Uber] in DC after a Wizards game,” Votaw said.  “You go on the application, request a car, and the guy showed up in a really nice car within three minutes.”

According to, the application “seamlessly” connects drivers to riders and makes cities “more accessible.”

Uber is available in 22 countries and 50 cities including DC, Chicago and New York City.

According to the Uber Twitter account, Uber will even get your “babysitter home safely.”

Although some students find this application useful, many believe that this is an invasion of privacy because of the requirement of a credit card to activate your account.

“It’s a little weird that you’re in the middle of nowhere and they are tracking you,” sophomore Monica Oves said.  “They also have your credit card which is personal information.”

According to, potential drivers must go through an extensive background check to ensure safety for the passengers.

Check out and their Twitter page to find out more information and potential deals.