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Musicians take their talent to the Internet

Ah, YouTube. A place of wonder and procrastination. A place where you go to laugh at crazy cat antics and scoff at Kanye West’s disgrace of Taylor Swift. A place where recently, musically talented CHS students have begun to gather.

Junior Nikki Fraser is a talented vocalist and musician who posts videos of herself performing in order to further her chances of being discovered musically. Her covers of “Breathe” by Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat and “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat are her most popular videos.

According to Fraser, one of the best aspects of maintaining a YouTube account is the constructive criticism she receives from her viewers.

“Although most of the comments I get are just compliments, I’ve gotten plenty from people who suggest I change certain things about what or how I sing or play the songs, which have been really helpful,” Fraser said. “Many people leave comments about a certain genre being good or bad for my voice, the instrument overpowering my singing and other helpful ideas.”

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Junior Leo Wang, lead singer of the band Ever Since Beginnings, posts videos of their songs to increase the band’s popularity. He also posts amusing blog videos also known as “vlogs,” to keep fans up to date on the band’s inner workings.
“I have a YouTube account so I can promote my band,” Wang said. “When we post funny YouTube videos and videos of us playing, people watch them and enjoy them and follow up by checking out our MySpace and start liking our music.”

According to Wang, YouTube gives everyone a chance to shine.

“It is very useful for someone like me who is in a band and trying to make it because there are all these different kinds of ways to get our music out there and just promote our band,” Wang said. “All these frequently viewed websites and their features help aspiring musicians a lot so it is much appreciated.”

Sophomore Zac Vogel is part of the widely-known CHS band Diesel Pigeons.

According to Vogel, YouTube is a fun and creative way for him to communicate with his fans.

“We gain that access to fans to say what we’ve been working on in the studio, or what we’ve been digging recently, just basically anything we want to say, we have that window,” Vogel said.

YouTube is more than a website with the explicit songs your mom will not let you buy; it has become a place of opportunity for CHS students.

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Musicians take their talent to the Internet