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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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This summer is sure to be filled with back to back blockbuster movies such as Inside Out Two and Deadpool: Deadpool and Wolverine. From dazzling animatics to action-filled CGI, these summer movies will be one to remember.

Get your popcorn ready for a sizzling summer

By Olga Engler, Arts Editor June 7, 2024

Warm weather, backyard barbeques, long swims in the pool and last but not least, summer blockbusters. This is the time people can spend time with friends and family in large air-conditioned theaters, taking...

WCHS sailing team members Jack Brinsfeild and Erez Engler get ready to set sail as they push the boat into the water.

WCHS sailing team navigates to success on the waves

By Olga Engler, Arts Editor May 1, 2024

When thinking of sailing, one might imagine the wind's breeze on their skin, facing the vast ocean or lounging on a large deck with a drink in hand. However, sailing is far from a glamorous and easy sport....

WCHS students navigate the new hallways as they walk down the lanes and follow the traffic light system.

Red, yellow, green: new traffic lights in hallways stall students

By Olga Engler, Copy Cat April 4, 2024

Large groups huddled in the middle of the hallway. Students bumping into each other. An endless crowd of people pushing past each other. That is the reality that WCHS students face in the hallways and...

The Ballads of the Songbirds and Snakes, a prequel of the trilogy The Hunger Games, was released in theaters on Nov. 17.

Panem returns in “Hunger Games” prequel

By Olga Engler, Assistant Copy Editor and Photo Manager January 8, 2024

Nearly eight years have passed since the last movie in the trilogy of “The Hunger Games” was released, a time remembered nostalgically by millennials and Gen-Z alike for the explosion of young adult...

WCHS junior Kate Edwards poses as she walks down the runway at the Miss Teen Maryland USA Pageant.

Sashaying to success: Kate Edwards’ story

By Olga Engler, Assistant Copy Editor and Photo Manager December 18, 2023

Many little girls dream at least once of standing on a stage, wearing a gorgeous dress, doing a model walk down a runway, posing before a table of judges and then walking back in four-inch heels without...

Totally Killer came out on Oct. 6, 2023, on Prime Video. It features Kiernan Shipka as the main lead in a comedy/horror movie.

New horror movie “Totally Killer” totally “kills” its audience with comedy

By Olga Engler, Photo Manager October 31, 2023

“Totally Killer” is a movie that falls into a comfortable niche of common tropes perfect for a Saturday night, but also provides a fresh new take on the horror-comedy genre. The movie is a mix of “Back...

Similitude, a book written by WCHS junior Shannen Greene, will be released in late October to early November,  and will be available on multiple platforms including Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Student Art Spotlight: Shannen Greene

By Olga Engler, Assistant Copy Editor, Photo Manager October 18, 2023

Almost everyone has dreamed of publishing their own novel- eventually scraping together a few pages with some half-formed plot and partially-fleshed out characters, before giving up and leaving it to be...

WCHS students may soon be able to vote in the local government elections. Five cities have already lowered their voting age.

Empowering the future: should the US lower the voting age?

By Olga Engler, Photo Manager May 31, 2023

Takoma Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, Riverdale Park and Mount Rainier. All of these cities are places where the voting age has been lowered to 16 in municipal elections, otherwise known as local government...

WCHS Internship Coordinator Patricia Letourneau, is in charge of helping students find, arrange, and apply to internships. She can be found through email, and in room 254 at lunch.

What can internships do for WCHS students?

By Olga Engler, Photo Manager May 22, 2023

Internships. Everyone can agree that internships are extremely beneficial. They can help make someone stand out, gain incredible work experience and hopefully get a little money on the side. However, few...

Student advisor Kaylen Chang (pictured left), and club teacher Aishling McGinty (pictured right) pose next to each other in at the GSA Club meeting held on February 8, 2022.

GSA provides safe space for LGBTQ+ studentss

By Olga Engler, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Walking down the hallway, one’s eye might catch a brightly-colored poster on the wall. Students stop in front of it and read “GSA club at Churchill! Looking for new members! Anyone is welcome.” They...

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