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CHS Band receives high honors at annual festival

CHS Band receives high honors at annual festival

By Katie Gauch, Senior Writer

May 6, 2015

The CHS middle band received straight ones, the highest ranking possible, during its annual festival April 28. “Overall, our performance really displayed our hard work and dedication throughout these past couple months,” senior Jillian Goss-Holmes said.  “I can say on behalf of our band, we...

MCPS, it’s time to put the fun back in fundraising

Observer staff faced a similar challenge when trying to find food we were allowed to distribute to students in our fundraiser.

By Sammi Silber and Katie Gauch

April 29, 2015

I want candy. School can get boring between studying for tests, endless homework assignments and improving your college resume. To balance work and play, many students look forward to fundraisers which boost energy and promote school spirit throughout the year. However, due to changes in MCPS food...

MoCo, Governor work to stop epidemic of heroin use

Heroin comes in the form of white powder but can be heated to a brown substance and injected into the user. The drug can also be sniffed or smoked.

By Katie Gauch and Sammi Silber

February 24, 2015

Marijuana, cocaine and Adderall. While these are some of the most prevalent drugs in the area today, one tends to go unnoticed: heroin. In the past years, use of this narcotic has dramatically increased throughout Montgomery County, leading to a rise in heroin-related deaths throughout the state. According...

New school opens in ’17

New school opens in '17

By Katie Gauch, Editor-in-Chief

December 22, 2014

Though plans for a new elementary school in Rockville are starting to emerge, the new school isn’t expected to open until the 2017 school year. The elementary school will be located at the Montgomery Country Children’s Resource Center at 332 W. Edmonston Drive. “The school is being built...

Scotland community recreation center reopens

The newly renovated recreation center offers Scotland residents a variety of activities including a community room, a computer room and a full-size basketball court.

By Katie Gauch and Hannah Yasharoff

November 21, 2014

Three years void of a recreational area, the Scotland community will re-open its community center, now dedicated as the Bette Carol Thompson Neighborhood Recreation Center, to the public this month. "The first-class renovation project completed by our Department of General Services greatly improves...

Five foods to help you survive exam week

By Katie Gauch and Sammi Silber

May 30, 2014

Final exam week is quickly approaching, becoming the only obstacle we have to overcome before our stress-free, sun-filled summer vacation.  Drop the textbooks, because the one thing that will get us through these strenuous exams is food. There is no better feeling than finishing an exam and coming...

Mouth-watering Instagram account goes viral

Mouth-watering Instagram account goes viral

By Katie Gauch and Jordan Janis

May 30, 2014

A golden-brown waffle: crispy on the outside, fluffy and white on the inside.  Hot chocolate sauce filling each crater and drizzled across the plate.  Four ice cream scoops: two creamy French vanilla and two rich chocolate circling the breakfast dessert.  Whose mouth wouldn’t water? As CHS students...

BOE approves Superintendent Starr’s budget

BOE approves Superintendent Starr's budget

By Katie Gauch, Editor in Chief

March 20, 2014

Focused on closing the achievement gap and overseeing growth in schools, the Montgomery County Board of Education (BOE) approved a $2.32 billion budget Feb. 11 for the 2015 Fiscal Year. The Board’s approval of the budget enables MCPS to control the district’s spending and allows the county to...

Freshmen, newcomers dominate track and field

By Katie Gauch, Online Sports Editor

January 9, 2014

The line of sprinters is ready for the boom of the starting gun.  In the eight lanes, junior, junior, senior, senior, junior, senior, senior, junior…freshman? This year, CHS indoor track and field has an exceptionally high number of underclassmen racing for spots on the varsity team. "We had a lot of kids ...

Students spread the holiday spirit through Secret Santa

Students spread the holiday spirit through Secret Santa

By Katie Gauch, Online Sports Editor

December 18, 2013

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout.  I’m telling you why.  Your Secret Santa is coming to town. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, red and silver decorations have begun to pop up everywhere.  CHS students embrace the holiday season by participating in gift exchanging...

CHS honors staff members who served the US

CHS honors staff members who served the US

By Katie Gauch and Katie Clem, Production Editors

December 4, 2013

The Observer thanks all CHS veterans for their service. English Teacher Haroot Hakopian U.S. Army, 1987-93   Chemistry Teacher Wesley Russ Missouri Army National Guard, 1979-82   Assistant Principal John Taylor Marine Corps, 1993-96   Bridge Teacher Bruce Krohmer U.S....

2013 CHS Spirit Week

By Katie Gauch and Katherine Michael

October 11, 2013

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