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MCPS Libraries Awarded

Camila Camp, Production Editor

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The Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) won the Top Innovator Award from the Urban Libraries Council Oct. 24, 2016.
MCPL has been rapidly increasing in the selection of books and the amount of computers they have for students to use.
“They provide great places to read and study,” sophomore Medha Tumkur said. “They also offer a lot of volunteer opportunities for students who want or need SSL hours.”
Despite the many materials and services the libraries provide, the students still believe they could improve their success with a few updates.
According to sophomore Bryan Fang, he doesn’t believe libraries are successful anymore because they are losing to a new generation of Ebooks and Kindles.
“I think maybe one improvement that the libraries could make is designate a room or area where people can eat as they read and study.” Tumkur said. “A lot of people like to drink coffee as they work, but libraries don’t permit food or drink and coffee shops are often loud.”

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