History and Engineering Honors Society

History and Engineering Honors Society

By Isabel Dibble, Online Observations Editor

The National History Honors Society and the National Engineering Honors Society are two new official programs created this year at CHS.

After a long process of approvals and finding advisors, the National History Honors Society is ready to promote the study of history and politics to students.

“We are looking forward to a new year with speakers from the Smithsonian National Museums and government agencies,” senior president Elina Kapoor said. “We are thrilled to share our passion for current events, history and politics with others.”

According to senior vice president Christina Hnatov, the Engineering society plans to spread the word that the society is offering many activities such as tutoring, to encourage students to join.

“We have some wonderful engineering and programming competitions lined up, which I think is going to be a lot of fun,” Hnatov said.