State approves plan, MCPS will make up two snow days

State approves plan, MCPS will make up two snow days

By Caitlin Doherty, Senior Writer

Maryland State Department of Education approved April 2 a plan to have MCPS hold school on Monday, April 21 and Friday, June 13 to make up for the 10 days of school missed due to snow days.

Initially MCPS submitted a plan to the state that would make up one snow day on June 13, but that request was denied. The new schedule change will disrupt spring break for many MCPS students and teachers.

“I have a college trip to Case Western planned for that day,” junior Ofer Cohen said. “I now have to miss a day of school because of the schedule changes.”

Multiple staff and students feel that the lack of time given to prepare for the extra days leaves students in an unfortunate position.

“It’s a bad idea because people have already scheduled vacations specifically to accommodate to the spring break scheduled by MCPS,” senior Alicia Tiberino said. “Now we have 18 days, barely any notice, to reschedule.”

The new schedule change also disregards MCPS’ contingency calendar, which claims that if there are nine or more snow days that they will be made up from June 13-19.

“Students are not going to be here because they cannot change their spring break travel plans,” math teacher Audrey Phillips said. “I feel strongly that they should use the contingency days we already have put aside to use.”

Some students feel that the added days are unnecessary because teachers have already adjusted their teaching schedules to accommodate for the snow days.

“Teachers are already changing the curriculum to help meet exam and AP deadlines,” Tiberino said. “Adding school days is a waste of time.”

MCPS exam days are staying the same, with June 12 becoming a full day and the added June 13 an early release day.