‘Daily Dose’ has new leadership, new look

By Michael Fox, Sports Photo Editor

Seniors Aaron Hubberman and Henoss Taddesse tape an episode of the show.
Seniors Aaron Hubberman and Henoss Taddesse tape an episode of the show.

CHS distributes its daily announcements through the show known as the Daily Dose, and new Media Services Technician, Ben Schnapp, who replaced previous director Scott Selman,  plans to provide the program with enhanced technology and expertise this year.

“I enjoy working with the students and helping them learn as much as they can about television and how it is in the real world,” Schnapp said. “I’m in charge of all things technical, I make sure it gets recorded and it gets to the classrooms the next day. I make sure all the equipment is operational.”

With new leadership on the Daily Dose, there are many changes in how the show is done.

“It’s definitely more structured,” Daily Dose student director senior Maddie Krueger said. “We’re making sure that there’s no ‘uh oh’ moments or stuff that shouldn’t be on, and the kids that are in the class that aren’t one of the five leads are getting more involved in the filming segments. They’re getting the input and giving us their input of what they want to see.”

The Daily Dose also plans on using better camera and audio techniques than in previous years.

“This year we’re trying to be very professional,” said junior Aidan Gray, student director of photography. “We are using three cameras instead of one, so we are no longer cutting and jumping around with the cameras. We’re moving towards live broadcasting.”

Although the show has made changes from previous years, it holds onto many things.

“It is set in the same location for now; we still have two hosts; it’s still the regular announcements, and we still have sports montages, homecoming and SGA videos, and scores,” Gray said.

The TV production class has 37 students and a newly restructured studio. Though the program is facing some challenges with the recent resignation of teacher and director Lynda Scionti, the students are optimistic about the show’s new potential.

“We’re really about informing the students about what’s going on in the school in an interesting and creative way,” Gray said. “We’re also about teaching the kids how to properly run and produce a television show. We’re there to teach and to explore.”