AP Language exam postponed last-minute due to testing discrepancy


Zimmerman sent out the email at 6:33 p.m. on May 9.

AP Language and Composition students received an email on the evening of May 9 stating that the AP Language and Composition exam would tentatively be postponed until May 22 at 11:30 a.m.

According to a CHS administrator, the cancellation was due to a distribution discrepancy and not cheating.

This is the second AP Language-related incident at CHS this year. The first involved students who discovered a copy of the AP Language semester exam on the Internet in January and cheated by distributing it to classmates.

The Observer sought an interview with Principal Joan Benz; however she was unavailable for comment. CHS College and Career Counselor and AP Test Coordinator Luana Zimmerman said she would answer questions after the weekend.

The May 9 email sent from Zimmerman stated that due to a “testing discrepancy” the exam would not take place on the scheduled date which was Friday, May 10.

CHS students who were scheduled to take the exam began to call friends at other schools in Montgomery County and in other states to see if the postponement was state or nationwide.

“I actually emailed [AP English and Composition Teacher] Jennifer Miller to make sure it was correct,” junior Zoey Maggid said.

Students also checked College Board’s webpage to see if the issue was widespread, but they concluded that the cancellation was only at CHS.

Because students were only told the cancellation was due to a test discrepancy, speculation is surrounding the issue.

Tweets on May 9 from Trevor Packer, College Board’s head of AP, led some to question whether the AP Literature and Composition students were accidentally given the AP Language and Composition test during their testing session on May 9.

“Double-check the cover of your exam to make sure it’s AP English Lit and not AP English Lang. Every year, some AP Eng Lang scores have to be cancelled because students took it on the AP Eng Lit day,” the Tweets read.

However, according to AP Literature teacher Haroot Hakopian, no AP Literature students said they were given an AP Language exam to take.

Students have been preparing for this exam the entire year, and many are surprised by the cancellation and are seeking clarification about the “discrepancy” from school leaders.

“I think they should tell us what actually happened,” junior Catherine Nardi said.