November AP Tips

By Manisha Singh, Online News Editor

1.   Keep reviewing.

Congratulations, you have gotten through the first quarter! However, that doesn’t mean you should forget everything you have learned. Continue to refresh your memory on past material because by the time you get to the AP, it will be hard to cram all that information back into your head.

2.     Discover studying methods.

You’ve been taking the class for a good two months- now that you have gotten acquainted with your new AP class, you can figure out which methods of studying work best for you. Whatever you did to get you that A on a test, continuing doing and whatever didn’t work, don’t do it.

3.     Don’t slack.

If you think this quarter was “easy” or “not as bad” as what you heard, YOU’RE WRONG. AP courses only get more rigorous and complicated; but don’t worry, if you continue to use your studying methods, you’ll be great! Just remember, everything needs fine tuning, even if you’re already playing your A game.