September AP Tips

September AP Tips

By Manisha Singh, Online News Editor

It’s no question— AP classes are hard. This is why the Observer is here to help you strategize. For those of you who are taking your first AP, or are possibly AP veterans, here are some smart tips to stay on track.

1.       Buy a review book.

Princeton’s Review, Barron’s, Kaplan or College Board- as long as you have one, you are set for the year. Even though you don’t need to worry about reviewing for the exam just yet, it is smart to skim through the book to see what topics you will be learning.

2.       School just started, so get to know your teachers!

Find out their office hours so you will know when and where to find them when you’re in desperate need of help.

According to AP English Language teacher Kevin Brown, communication is key- it is probably the most simple thing to do but it is also the most helpful.

BC Calculus teacher Christian Leber also suggests some tips to students.

“Even if there is not a specific assignment given one day, [you] should be working on something  each and every night,” Leber said. “Go over assessments and understanding problems you have missed.”

3.       Get organized.

It is best to have a separate binder or notebook to hold all of your important papers and notes. When you want to start studying for your exam in May, you will be able to find everything you need.

4.       Talk to students who have already taken the test.

Even though the AP exam is different every year, the material is always very similar. Learning which study methods worked for others, and which did not, is a good way to prepare yourself in the months leading up to the exam.