A look at the candidates:

By Brett Sachs, Production Editor


The highly publicized battle among candidates Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum features heated debates, cruel advertisements and personal attacks. In order to receive the Republican Party presidential nomination, the candidate must win at least 1,144 delegates. The following is a summary of the viewpoints of these candidates, according to the information from their campaign websites.


Focus of Campaign

Caucuses and Primaries Won

Newt Gingrich:Former Speaker of the House 






Delegates: 131 as of March 15

Gingrich’s platform focuses on health care, taxes and immigration. Gingrich strongly supports a new Visa program that would allow more immigrants to live and work in America. He takes a pro-life stance on abortion and strongly supports the right to bear arms. South Carolina primaryGeorgia primary
Mitt Romney:Former Governor of Massachusetts 










Delegates: 495 as of March 15

Romney plans to reduce government spending by eliminating deficit spending and cutting back on government programs and taxes with a pro-growth proposal. He also plans to take power away from the central government and give it to states, thereby allowing them to solve problems individually. New Hampshire primaryNevada caucusFlorida primary

Michigan primary

Maine caucus

Wyoming caucus

Washington caucus

Virginia primary

Vermont primary

Ohio primary

Massachusetts primary

Alaska caucus

Idaho caucus

Hawaii caucus

Mississippi primary


Ron Paul:Former Texas Representative 






Delegates: 48 as of March 15

Paul takes a conservative stance on many major issues, basing his campaign on his “Plan to Restore America.” He focuses on energy self-sufficiency, securing America’s borders and economic recovery. None
Rick Santorum:Former Pennsylvania Senator 







Delegates: 252 as of March 15

Santorum promotes domestic economic growth, immigration reform and greater intervention in foreign affairs. He opposes same-sex marriage and takes a pro-life stance on abortion. Santorum is more concerned with the creation of America’s wealth rather than the distribution of it. Iowa caucusColorado caucusMinnesota caucus

Colorado caucus

Missouri primary

North Dakota caucus

Tennessee primary

Oklahoma primary

Kansas primary

Alaska caucus