Seven Locks ES to begin renovations

Seven Locks Elementary School, built in 1964, will be torn down at the end of this school year and a new, significantly larger school will be built in its place.
An event at the 46-year-old school was held May 27 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for alumni, parents and those in the community to commemorate the old building.
According to current Seven Locks PTA President Lisa Bleier, the event will primarily serve as a way for the community to come together to say goodbye to the old school.
After the new school is built, new school boundaries will be established. However, redistricting already began last year when some students began attending the newly rebuilt Bells Mill Elementary School. Once the new school is completed, students who currently attend Potomac Elementary and live in Avenel, Falconhurst and Camotop will begin going to Seven Locks.
 The current capacity of Seven Locks is approximately 250 students, however, despite its expected enrollment of around 400 students, it will have a capacity up to 625 students. While the new Seven Locks is being built, elementary students will attend a holding school.
According to Seven Locks Principal Robin Gordon, students will attend the Radnor School off Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda for 18 months.
The new school will have an additional floor to accommodate more students and incorporate historic elements of the C & O Canal into its design.
“I’m going to miss [the school] because of all the memories I have at Seven Locks,” sophomore and Seven Locks alumnus Marco Hamins-Puertolas said.