A piece of advice for rising seniors from the Count

After my four years of high school, I have learned a lot, especially during senior year. I would like to give those incoming seniors some advice on how to approach senior year.

1.Go to class and still work hard. Senior year does matter and colleges look to see how well you are doing.

2.You do not have to go out to lunch every single day. It is not that big of a deal to go in and see a teacher for help or to make up work.
3.Don’t be that sketchy senior at underclassman parties; it is pedaphile-ish and creepy. Everyone knows you are just trying to get with younger girls.

4.Get a lot spot. It makes your life a lot easier. Sleeping in that extra 15 minutes is real nice.

5.Get your college applications done before school starts. Not having to worry about them in the fall relieves a lot of stress. It is really annoying to have to do homework and have applications and essays to write.
6.Apply to safety schools. Your class is going to need it.

7.Don’t do anything stupid that will get you expelled. Senior year is awesome.

8.For all the athletes, work and train hard during off-season workouts. You will make the team and will probably get more playing time.
9. Go support all the CHS sports teams and get rowdy. The players will appreciate it. If you do not go to the games, you will regret not seeing your friends play.

10. Don’t stress, and take advantage of all the opportunities you have. Go to homecoming, go to prom, go to all the SGA events, and go to all the sports games. It’s your last year in high school and although you want it to be over with as fast as it can be, you are going to miss it.